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Looks like we have a big page lock coming. Big in the sense of many pages and big in the sense that the pages to be locked are too big.

It looks like pages over 500,000 characters (html formatted, that is) are crashing the server when someone tries to edit them. programmer's whine 

They need to be fixed, anyway. Way too big for one page. They need to be broken up into subpages of a reasonable size.

I'm trying to get better about communicating before big changes, so we'll let this one run for a while before taking the action. The server crashes do come under the heading of 'urgent', though.

See this page: Overly Long Pages

another programmer's thing 

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Working on Cerebus Syndrome now.

Edit: Done.

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I can split Characters.Friendship Is Magic-Background Ponies, but does anyone have some good suggestions on the way to split it?
I looked at that page and decided it would take someone more versed in MLP to split it, which is to say you might have more luck asking on the discussion page, maybe of multiple pages, to get the opinions of actual MLP fans.

Have you considered splitting up the Mane Cast as well?
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Background Ponies has been split by someone familiar with the show. The new arrangement is detailed on the discussion page.
Time for a new list?
Wow, I didn't realize what this was for. sad

Anyway, I've done Pony POV Series. Now can we make a new list?

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I'm not at all surprised to see AwesomeMusic.Vocaloid on that list; that's been growing at an exponential rate for a while now. (I've finally completed my sweep of uses of "this troper" and "why isn't song X on this page yet!?" on the Awesome Music subpages, as well as most extraneous code in Youtube links, so this is the one that leaps out at me most readily.) Perhaps this belongs on the discussion page for the page itself rather than in this thread (I'll post this there as well), but here goes anyway.

One thing I do notice about the page - and this won't save 50,000 characters, but I'll mention it anyway to clear up a question I've had for a while - is that almost every song title on the page is rendered in italics, whereas the convention I've read elsewhere is that album titles are italicised (eg, Who's Next) and song titles are put in quotes (eg, "Won't Get Fooled Again"). Although even if it did save 50,000 characters (which, again, it won't, there aren't 25,000 titles on the page), it would only be a temporary fix.

That aside, the page pretty much can't be trimmed down without being split - most of the examples are already borderline Zero Context Examples along the lines of "Her cover of (Youtube link)", and I checked that the Youtube links have been shorn of all extraneous code (if that even contributes to the character count). Even removing what cruft may still linger either won't save 50,000 characters or will only be a temporary fix.

The obvious thing might be to split it by performer... except there are forty-one subfolders (36 for individuals, four for other categories, and one for unsorted examples), and some only have one example in them. Perhaps there are ways to group multiple subfolders on subpages, but I don't know enough about the genre to know how that might be done (are some of the performers from the same creators, for example?). Alternatively, perhaps only the largest folders can be moved over to individual subpages - seems to have worked for a number of other oversized pages so far (AwesomeBosses.Video Games - or Awesome.VideoGameBosses as it once was - leaps to mind) - and others can be moved to new subpages as their folders grow.

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Working on Characters.Red Vs Blue now.

Edit: Done.

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986 Oreochan17th Oct 2012 09:30:40 AM from Pennsylvania
I've split El Goonish Shive, Enemy Mine, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I'll do Characters.South Park, and Characters.Classical Mythology next.

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I've done both the character sections in Mass Effect 2 and the Mass Effect 3 Headscratchers page.

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Did Characters.Bleach Arrancars and Characters.FriendshipIsMagic-TheManeCast.

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Did the Fallout 3 Headscratchers page.

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990 Oreochan18th Oct 2012 09:55:22 PM from Pennsylvania
Required Secondary Powers is done. Working on Ax-Crazy and Characters.Blaz Blue Calamity Trigger next.

Edit: Done.

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"Learning without thinking is labor lost. Thinking without learning is dangerous."
Did Pony POV Series a while ago.
Fanfic.Touhou Doujin Dawitsus Folly has been split by story, with the series-wide examples left on the main page. If creating a Touhou Doujin: Dawitsu's Folly/ namespace for the pages is frowned upon, I'm guessing moving them to an approved namespace and cutlisting the previous versions will be easy enough to do.

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Oh yeah! I also did Deconstructed Trope a while ago.
I did Famous Last Words.Video Games, WMG. Glee and Headscratchers.Watchmen.

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997 Oreochan28th Oct 2012 11:55:29 AM from Pennsylvania
"Learning without thinking is labor lost. Thinking without learning is dangerous."
998 Oreochan8th Nov 2012 01:11:51 PM from Pennsylvania
Paper-Thin Disguise and Unusual Euphemism are done. Picking up Characters.Supernatural, Non-Indicative Name, and Series.The Big Bang Theory.

Since the last article count was almost a month ago, can we get a new page report soon?

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"Learning without thinking is labor lost. Thinking without learning is dangerous."
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Then I will do Series.How I Met Your Mother. Edit: Done.

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Are you guys also keeping track of pages that are nearing the 400k limit?

I just noticed The Wheel of Time is getting close, and the series just keeps getting longer.

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