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YMMV: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom
  • Awesome Music: One aspect of the game that has received praise is its soundtrack. Not only is it faithful to the tone of the show, it results in tracks that are just plain cool. Among them is the music for Goo Lagoon, Rock Bottom, the Mermalair (appropriately done in the style of campy surf music ala Adam West Batman) mini-boss fights and "Spongebob's Dream", the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard, the Robo-Patrick fight and the final boss fight.
  • Best Level Ever: All three of the tracks on Sand Mountain and the Sandy section of Spongebob's Dream.
  • Demonic Spider: Sleepy Time: A security robot that is normally asleep, but if you should step into his surrounding light without sneaking (only possible with SpongeBob), it will angrily awake and will quickly use a homing laser to chew off your health in a hurry. You can't use the Bubble Bowl (It will deflect it with the laser), but you can use the Cruise Missile, or throw a Tiki as Patrick in a couple of cases.
    • Slick: An enemy you meet late in the game, is easily the toughest enemy in the game to beat. To begin with, he's protected by an oil shield, and even after that is destroyed, he takes two more hits to take down, and its entirely possible for him to respawn the shield. His penchant for spitting oil at you, which can impede your movement if it lands on the ground, makes him only more irritating.
    • Arf & Arf-Dawg: Another irritating tough mook, Arf is a cowboy robot that attacks from a long distance, sending exploding dog-robots at you. The only safe way to attack him is with the Bubble Bowl, as his dawgs will mow your health down well before you can reach him, and he takes more than one hit to take down, and he will swing his doghouse at you if you get too close. While the cruise bubble can kill him in one hit, using it makes you an easy target for his dawgs.
  • Ear Worm: Even the more low-key tracks, such as the hub of Bikini Bottom, "Jellyfish Fields", "Downtown Bikini Bottom" and "The Kelp Forest" are worth listening to.
  • Fridge Logic: One of Patrick's lost socks is in Spongebob's attic and five of them are in Spongebob's dream. Even though he claims to have no idea about who stole the socks, he's taken 6 of them!
  • Goddamned Bats: Chuck, the flying shark-bot that launches water bombs at you. They have a good throwing distance and their attack causes Splash Damage plus enough knockback to send you flying off an edge. And they usually happen to be placed in areas where they can easily knock you off. Thankfully, they take one hit to die.
    • Tubelets. The bottom of these three guys sprays a flamethrower around them, forcing the player to hit them with Spongebowl or the Cruise Bubble. Every time you kill one or both of the two bottom guys, the top one will start spinning and cause a large self-destruct explosion... that regenerates all of them.
  • Good Bad Bugs: The game is full of them, as this channel will show. Some of the best:
    • Doing a Cruise Bubble and a Bubble Bowl at the same time against some surfaces (Like Teleport Boxes) makes Spongebob slide indefinitely, allowing you to jump farther or get higher by using the Bubble Bash, which usally prevents movement.
    • Hailing a Taxi in the hub after going out of bounds and being pulled away by Hans disables bottomless pits, letting the player explore unreachable areas and cheat on slides.
    • Double jumping after getting knocked back by an explosion or falling in water/goo sends you flying far away.
  • Nightmare Fuel: This is what Spongebob looks like whenever you enter Sandy's house. Oh SpongeBob, you really need to remember to put on your water helmet whenever you go there...
    • Patrick's Dream; its nothing but a big black void with just Patrick, a lightbulb, the spatula, you, and a gate suspended in the middle of nowhere. Its obviously intended to be a joke, but it can be rather unsettling, especially compared to how Patrick's Dreams are portrayed in the show. Should you try to explore the void, the layout just ends up looping and you might find yourself back with Patrick.
    • Two words: Rock Bottom. Brrrr. A Bleak Level if there ever was one.
    • Squidward's Dream is full of portraits of his "does this look unsure to you?" face, with a huge one right behind where you start the level.
    • The Flying Dutchman's Graveyard
    • Squidward and Spongebob getting frozen solid by Robo-Patrick's ice breath. Their extremely distorted and terrified expressions in the ice is really unsettling.
    • Robo-Spongebob's robotic voice. Especially when he laughs at you when you get hurt.

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