Funny / SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

  • "If I had a castle, I'd name it Fort Pattytown III. And Fort Pattytown III would have a bake sale every Monday."
  • From the tutorial, when teaching about health:
    "SpongeBob will lose underwear if he gets hurt. Like this." (safe falls on SpongeBob)
  • While every other area in SpongeBob's Dream is long and elaborate, Patrick's is... a blank void with just him. He just gives you a Golden Spatula.
  • (in Machine Monotone) "No! You just destroyed my beautiful bride! We were supposed to get married next week!"
    • "...did he just say 'married'?"
  • Mr. Krabs' humorously half baked reason to why SpongeBob should destroy the floating tikis outside the Sea Needle.
    Mr. Krabs: Uh...'cuz they were laughin' at you and calling you funny names.
    SpongeBob: What kind of funny names?
    Mr. Krabs: know. SpongeBob...ButtPants.
    SpongeBob: That's not very funny.
    Mr. Krabs: they said yer mom was ugly.
    SpongeBob: Ugly?!
  • The reference to "Squidward The Unfriendly Ghost"
    • In fact, pretty much any reference to an episode that was aired at the time the game was released.
  • In Rock Bottom, standing near the vending machine at the start will cause a cutscene to start where a bus drives up, idles for a moment, then drives right off, a clever and possible to miss reference to the episode "Rock Bottom".
  • Five words: Retirement Home Girls Gone Wild.
  • In the dream world, there was a level intended for Patrick that would've been dessert-themed. However, for reasons that aren't clear, it was cut. The developers, seeing a prime chance to make another reference to the show, just make Patrick's dream a pitch black room with him standing under a spotlight where he just gives you the golden spatula you would've had to work for without any strings attached.