YMMV / Molly Holly

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Even as a heel, she had a strong online fanbase. For a time on the Usenet newsgroup rec.sport.pro-wrestling, she was featured in several .sigs, with her being referred to as "Angel Molly Holly" and "Queen Molly, the First Lady of Wrestling." When she and Trish tied for diva of the year on the now defunct radical wrestling site, the webmaster decided to overrule the vote and declare Molly Holly the winner. (for the record, he left the tie between The Dudley Boys and The World's Greatest Tag Team alone)
  • Fandom Rivalry: For a stretch, Youtube was the battle ground of a perplexing one between her fans and fans of Malia Hosakanote . Par the course for youtube, the Malia side got overtaken by pranksters, who blew Molly's ties to a rehab scam out of proportion (by omitting that she worked there three months at most without pay and then left) and the wrestling debate got drowned in a sea of a lot of other noise. (the lesson was be wary of the comment sections) The kindling for the fire storm appears to be an interview Hosaka gave that touched on their friendship and falling out.(the full interview was done by Ring Belles Online)
  • Fashion Dissonance: SLAM Wrestling noted that it was odd how in 2003 WWE were trying to push Molly as a Darker and Edgier heel than the Sour Prudes gimmick - when her ring gear didn't match.
    "If Molly wants to be taken seriously as a badass, she should wear more street clothes instead of that prima wrestling attire..."
  • Hollywood Homely: Played with. She purposefully altered her appearance so that she would be plain and unattractive to reflect the new heel character, although she still was attractive, just not blatant about it. This was mainly due to adopting very conservative ring attire and constantly scowling, averting Evil Is Sexy.
  • Hollywood Pudgy:
    • One of the most infamous examples. One segment was written where Trish Stratus made fun of her ass and this eventually evolved into the entire locker room poking fun at her weight. Unlike Mickie James, she wasn't portrayed sympathetically. The worst part is that the fans didn't buy it at all - Molly was slim and athletic by any definition, and anyone with even a passing knowledge of fitness and human musculature could tell that any extra size on Molly's lower body was mostly muscle. Fans were already of the "pay money to see Molly lose" mindset anyway, so the whole exercise was superfluous.
    • This hounded her long before WWE used it on-screen. Even when she had first debuted in late 2000, reports from dirt-sheets claimed that WWE wanted her to lose weight. This is pure speculation as Molly herself has never said that she was directly asked to.
  • Misaimed Fandom: A lot of people mistakenly believed Molly despised the Diva Searches and other T&A related segments. Indeed a lot of dirt sheets reported that was the reason for her departure. Molly herself says she had no problem with them, seeing Fanservice as a part of show business - and said she was excited to work with a lot of the Diva Search contestants who got hired. Indeed future first Divas' Champion Michelle McCool was a huge fan of Molly.
  • Moe: The Holly Cousin character was intolerably cute, also managing to be Badass Adorable too.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Some fans would have preferred for the wholesome Holly Cousin character to get a big push for the Women's Championship. She got title shots but never a big feud (as meaningful title feuds were nonexistent in the Attitude Era for the women).
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Tori had returned in early 2001 as the masked ninja, helping Raven win matches. He started feuding with Crash Holly, and Molly in turn began keeping the ninja at bay. Reports said a mixed tag match for WrestleMania X-Seven was in the plans, but Tori apparently annoyed Raven backstage and the whole angle was dropped.
  • The Woobie: For two of the three above reasons.