Awesome / Molly Holly

  • The proceeds from her shoot interview were all donated to the education fund of the late Crash Holly's daughter.
  • She paid 1/2 of Beth Phoenix's tuition at Ohio Valley Wrestling.
  • The Molly-Go-Round finisher. Innovated by her and awesome every time she used it.
    • Especially the time she did it off the Big Show's shoulders onto Lance Storm.
  • The match at Wrestlemania when she had her head shaved. It was HER idea. She looked at the card and realized that there wasn't a Women's Championship match on it, as the WWE brass had planned to have only one women's match that night: the Playboy Evening Gown match pitting Sable and Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler and Jackie Gayda, a match considered one of the worst in WrestleMania history. She knew she would have to do something big to make it onto the show.
  • Beat her cousin Crash in an intergender match (with help from another woman).
    • She and Crash also once defeated Kaientai with Molly more than holding her own against the two men.
    • She also took out Dean Malenko with a Molly-Go-Round after he forcibly kissed her, allowing Crash to defeat him and become WWF Light Heavyweight Champion.
  • She defeated the Hurricane for the WWE Hardcore Title.