Awesome / Molly Holly

  • The proceeds from her shoot interview were all donated to the education fund of the late Crash Holly's daughter.
  • The Molly-Go-Round finisher. Innovated by her and awesome every time she used it.
    • Especially the time she did it off the Big Show's shoulders.
  • The match at Wrestlemania when she had her head shaved. It was her idea. She looked at the card and realized that there's wasn't a Women's Championship match (or a women's match at all) on the roster. She knew that they would have to do something big to make it onto the show.
  • Beat her cousin Crash in an intergender match (with help from another woman). She and Crash also once defeated Kaientai with Molly more than holding her own against the two men.
  • She defeated the Hurricane for the WWE Hardcore Title.