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Funny: Molly Holly
  • A swimsuit contest against Terri had the latter in Barely-There Swimwear while Molly claims King would go wild when he saw what was under her robe. She strips off to reveal a 50s style bathing suit with a bathing cap, snorkel and flippers.
  • You will feel guilty for laughing at it but Trish pulling down Molly's pants to reveal granny panties.
    • I'm not sure which is worse: that the granny panties were Molly's idea, or that she actually considers it one of her career highlights. May be a case of Slapstick Knows no Gender or that she had absolutely no ego problems getting in her way.
  • Her excuse for a schoolgirl outfit from the 2004 Tabbo Tuesday Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal.
  • The 2002 Santa's Little Helper match, between Molly's Mrs. Claus dress and Stacy Keibler pulling her dress up, once again showing off her granny panties.
  • After she had her head shaved she would appear wearing a different wig each week and King on commentary would refuse to admit that the wig wasn't Molly's real hair.
  • "Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. So face Mighty Molly and taste defeat!"
    • Even more hilarious in that she rarely ever won as Mighty Molly. In real life, she regularly volunteered to put over their opponents, driving the Hurricane crazy in the process.
  • Her and Spike Dudley's attempts at having their first kiss, interrupted with great hilarity by the likes of Perry Saturn and Kaientai.
  • Her hilariously bad ballet-inspired moves during a dance-off against Stacy Keibler.
  • From the 2004 WWE Divas: South of the Border DVD: Attached to the link for Molly's chapter in the menu is an Easter Egg of Molly and Gail Kim throwing darts at what is revealed to be a promotional photo of Trish Stratus.
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