YMMV / Mickey Mouse

  • Archive Panic: While not as infamous about this as Donald Duck, Mickey's career in animation, comics, TV shows, video games and merchandise spanning well over 85 years is very tough to manage for a casual fan. And considering he is the face of Disney, they're unlikely to stop making stuff with him anytime soon.
  • Creator's Pet: Walt clearly loved Mickey like a son and wanted the rest of the world to love him the same, hence why he put him front and center of the Disney company whilst being a huge Control Freak about what could and couldn't be done with him. As a result, Mickey's name became pejorative slang in some parts for basic and underwhelming.
  • My Real Daddy:
    • While practically synonymous with Walt Disney, some attribute Mickey more to Ub Iwerks as he was the one who designed him. Others opt for co-creator status (Disney with his personality, Iwerks with his design). There's also Floyd Gottfredson, who retained Mickey's adventurous personality in the comics for several decades.
    • This is also the case for voice actors. In the modern day, most people associate and accept Mickey's voice with the late Wayne Alwine, who had been doing Mickey's voice since the early 70s.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: One of the most iconic cases. Mickey's increasingly laid back personality made him look like a Flat Character compared to more abrasive and emotional co stars such as Donald, Goofy or even Pluto, thus he slowly ended up Demoted to Extra in the classic shorts. Modern projects attempt with wavering success to make him star material again, even if ultimately, his Straight Man role is still the most iconic. A common portrayal of Mickey in modern projects tends to make him something of a Composite Character of himself, combining the Nice Guy persona with the mischievous adventurer persona.