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Trivia: Mickey Mouse
  • Banned in China: The short "The Barnyard Battle" (1929) was banned in Germany in 1930 for depicting enemy cats with German World War I helmets. In 1931, the short was finally distributed, but with all scenes of enemy combat cut, making it an extra-short three-minute cartoon.
    • Another short "The Mad Doctor" (1933) was banned in England, believed to be too scary for children, yet made its way into two video games, Mickey Mania and Epic Mickey.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: In Japan, Mickey was usually voiced invariably by women, including Masumi Goto, Ikue Sakakibara and Eiko Yamada. This has been averted in recent years, however, with Mickey now voiced by a man, Takashi Aoyagi.
  • Fake American: Mickey's second voice actor James MacDonald was born in Scotland but moved to America at the tender age of six months.
    • Likewise, in the newest Mickey Mouse series, Mickey is voiced by Canadian-born Chris Diamantopoulos.
  • Fountain of Expies: Mickey had numerous ripoffs back in the 1930s—among them are Bosko The Talk Ink Kid, Foxy Fox, Piggy and Buddy of Warner Bros., and the Columbia Cartoons interpretation of Krazy Kat.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: His 70s-2000s VA also did Clockwork Clown, the Bear, and could do a great Super Mario impression!
  • Old Shame: According to The Illusion of Life, apprentice animator and director Wilfred Jackson was so ashamed of his first directorial effort "The Castaway" that he vowed never to make another film that didn't feel like a Disney picture again.
  • The Other Darrin: Mickey was voiced by Walt Disney from his debut through Fun and Fancy Free, after which James MacDonald took the reins. During Walt's run as Mickey's voice, Clarence Nash (the voice of Donald) substituted for Mickey's voice for the 1934 short The Dognapper (and also in a few 1950s commercials by Tom Oreb). Wayne Allwine took over the role in 1977 and would voice him until his death in 2009. Since then, Mickey has been (and currently is) voiced by Bret Iwan.
    • Carl Stalling voiced Mickey in 1929's "The Karnival Kid".
    • Even though Bret Iwan is currently the voice of Mickey Mouse, Chris Diamantopoulos is voicing him for the Paul Rudish series of shorts, because they wanted the Mickey in this series to sound as close as possible to the original Walt Disney.
  • What Could Have Been: Before settling with "Mickey", Walt Disney considered naming him "Mortimer", which his wife Lillian thought was too formal a name.

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