YMMV / Legend of Legaia

Legend of Legaia:
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Due to the nature of Seru, pretty much every single villain gets this to some extent, especially Cort.
    • Jedo, Songi's Seru, is a Ra-Sim-Seru and we never hear it speak. Has it corrupted Songi's mind or is Songi the one in control?
    • Both Zeto and Dohati are patriotic politicians and go along with Cort's plan, but did the Sim-Seru they have affect their minds and take them further down Cort's path than they would have?
    • The Delilas siblings. Do they possess Undying Loyalty to Zora/Cort or did their Sim-Seru corrupt them?
    • Did Zora follow Cort because she loves him, because she's vain and wants to rule, or once again as a manipulation of her Seru? It should be noted that Zora is the only one of the villains who does not refer to the Mist as "Salvation" or "Perfect Harmony" in the Dogmatic chant the others use.
    • Was Jette corrupted by the research on the Mist like Cort was? His pre-battle dialogue indicates that he's The Social Darwinist. Is that how he feels or how the Sim-Seru feels?
    • The Sim-Seru themselves. Are they sentient, programmed like robots to serve Cort's will, do they Dogmatically worship the Mist, and if so, is it because they where made to, are they partners with the person they are attached to, or are they controlling/corrupting them?
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Rogue. Despite being played up as the Bigger Bad of the game, it goes down quickly. He uses a multi-hit attack that deals 1800-2000 damage to each party member... but has to charge up every other turn. As long as you spirit when he attacks to reduce the damage to a paltry 800 or so and use the off turns to heal, you can pummel him with minimal effort.
  • Complete Monster: Most of the villains probably count, but Songi's actions with Juggernaut at the end of the game would have inflicted an And I Must Scream fate on the entire planet just so he could become God and put himself in the running for most monstrous character in a game ever. Or possibly Jedo.
  • Goddamned Bats
    • Pueras, thanks to their "Death Game" ability, which has the ability to instantly kill itself. Or you. Hope you were paying attention to the cards.
    • The Vera Seru. They hurt-a-plenty (they do MORE damage with their special attack if you Spirit, unlike most other enemies), are somewhat fast, and have the ability to heal themselves. Not particularly hard, but they can be annoying, especially if they nail Noa with Bloodsucker while she's Spiriting. Oh, and they look somewhat like bats, too.
  • Memetic Badass: Gala, thanks to the scene with Juggernaut and his ability to Fly, as shown in Sol Tower.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: If your at all invested in the story and characters the ENTIRE last fourth of the game is physically painful to get through.
  • That One Boss: Oh so many.
    • Most bosses aren't particularly difficult if you have enough levels and remember to guard and heal as needed. The two bosses that stand out are the Berserker and Xain.
    • The Berserker has extremely high attack at this point in the game and uses the Rot status effect, which makes it very difficult to attack and use Arts. Berserker also is the second boss in the game with a very hard hitting spell without requiring a turn-up to charge for the spell. The only thing that may help you is that there's an amulet near the boss that prevents rotting.
    • Xain requires that you've learned the Orb spell (a heal spell for all allies) and that you guard when he charges up his Terio Punch. Proper battle tactics will take them both down.
    • If you just go plowing the enemies without strategy, Zeto, Dohati, Neo Saryu, Gaza, and the Delilas family will DESTROY you without much trouble.
  • The Woobie: All three main characters have depressing events in their backstories, but Noa, who, among other things, finds her real parents only to help cause their deaths very shortly after (they knew what they were telling her to do, she didn't), finds her brother only to discover he's the Big Bad, and loses the closest thing she's got to a parent at the very end of the game, takes the cake.
    • You will run into numerous ones in every single town. Jeremi and Sol have bars full of people who lost their entire families to the Mist, Ratayu sports a long list of families whose young female relatives were taken as Seru brides, Vidna and Sol have several children who resolutely believe their parents are still wandering in the Mist, Octam lost much of its population to Xain's earthquakes, and the list just goes on and on.

Legaia II: Duel Saga:
  • Game Breaker: Full Power. This skill activates when you guard and gives you one fewer Art Block. In return, your character's STR triples for the following attack. Since damage is based on (STR + ATK - enemy DEF), this generally means a 5-6x increase in damage. Combined with Mystic or Variable arts and a reasonable level, it is very possible to defeat the final boss in one attack sequence.
  • Moe: Maya.
  • That One Boss: Bubba. To be more specific; Bubba in the Arena. Bubba is armed with arts that can Charm (Violet 7), Stun (Final Bullet), hit really hard multiple times (Dancing Revolver), or worse, regain all of his HP (Golden Memory, though he only does this if you put the ring on Elfin's Grave), he can prematurely end a streak if the player isn't prepared to deal with him.