Funny / Legend of Legaia

  • Imagine yourself as The Hero who just saved a whole castle from years of Demonic Possession, and the king himself has come to personally offer you his and his subjects most sincere gratitude. Just as he is doing so, your new companion butts in and asks the king why he has whiskers on his face. Now you know how it feels like to be Vahn after saving Drake Castle and getting the Innocently Insensitive Wild Child Noa for a companion. It's so funny that King Drake himself goes from being shocked speechless to laughing good-naturedly, one of the attending knights abruptly goes off-screen (probably trying to contain his laughter), and Vahn is probably trying to avoid facepalming while cursing his luck.
  • When Cara tells Grantes he's no better than a pimp, then Noa asks Vahn what a pimp is. Then, no matter what you pick, Noa will conclude that pimps are bad, then she does her best Liu Kang impression and flying kicks Grantes.
  • Every time the heroes encounter the Delilas family, we see Noa reproducing their role call poses like a Super Sentai fangirl.