Funny: Legend of Mana

  • Every adventure involving the Pirate Penguins is likely to have at least one crowning moment of funny, with some of the best being Captain Tusk's quotes:
    Tusk: Men of the sea have both good and evil otters in their hearts!
    Tusk: Penguins, stir up that peanut butter in yer heads and think. This ship here easily weighs 3,000 Du'Inkes. Now why do ye suppose the ship doesn't just sink into the sea? Spirit. It be the spirit of us men of the sea. My spirit be 100, and ye penguins' are about 1.
    Tusk: I don't care! All we have here are some penguins and a siren... And I'm some sort of sea mammal.
  • Gilbert is pretty funny in and of himself, but combined with the penguins he's comedy gold:
    Gilbert: Ooohhhh, penguins are craaaanky because they don't haaaaave girlfriends....
    Tusk: Make him walk the plank.
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