Awesome / Legend of Legaia

  • Crowning Music of Awesome — Ever remember your childhood days hearing the boss music and have a sudden adrenaline rush?
  • Most bosses are so difficult that whenever the camera zooms to their back and shows them falling down counts.
  • The Magic attacks are very detailed and fun to watch.
  • Vahn and Gala rushing to save Noa from Saryu. Gala is the one who has argued with her the most but leaps in the air to slug Juggernaut. Noa stating that I knew I could count on my Vahn and Gala is the icing on the cake.
  • Any time that you revive a Genesis Tree. The visuals and music are beautiful and knowing how many people you have helped just makes you feel warm inside.
  • The comedy scene with Gala in Sol Tower. Aside from being hilarious it helped get the comedians' confidence back, convinced his old partner to get back together with him, and turned the run-down boring comedy club into a roaring den of laughter.