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YMMV: Juno
  • Alternative Character Interpretation / Base Breaker: Vanessa is either a Woobie who wants to be a mother or a Manipulative Bitch who doesn't have the emotional fortitude to be a good parent. There's seemingly no gray area; people who see the film are either with her or against her.
  • Brain Bleach: Oh, GOD. Those PORK SWORDS!!!
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Some viewers have a very dark interpretation of Vanessa's future relationship with Juno's son and where it might lead. Though the movie paints her in a sympathetic light for choosing to go ahead with the adoption after Mark leaves, one can't help but wonder how she'll cope with being a single parent while still reeling from her painful split with Mark.
  • Genius Bonus: While the movie mentions that Juno's named after the Roman goddess Juno, it doesn't mention that one of the main domains of the goddess is childbirth.
  • No Yay: Mark and Juno, when they dance together.
    • Mark and Juno in general. More than one viewer might have thought this movie was about to take a turn into much creepier adulterous May-December Romance territory with the way Mark kept being so friendly to Juno and the way she kept spending time alone with him, but no, that's not what happens.
  • Ron the Death Eater / The Scrappy: Vanessa is subject to this by haters of the film.

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