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YMMV: Claymore
  • Complete Monster: Former Number 1, Roxanne. With good looks to fool you, she's regardless an absolute sadist, especially in regard to her former comrade Cassandra. Her Moral Event Horizon, as revealed in 119, is causing the death of Cassandra's only friend, then mocking her to make her go berserk on the other Warriors. She then impales Cassandra's head with the sharp pommel of her sword. The Awakened Being killed Cassandra's friend very, very slowly, and it's implied it raped her. Roxanne cheerily says she looked like she was enjoying herself, so interfering wouldn't be right.
  • Crack Pairing: For some reason, Shippers have taken a sudden liking to pairing Galatea and Miria. Even though they've barely spoken to each other in the manga and never in the anime.
  • Ending Fatigue: People are getting rather tired of the final fight with Priscilla, given how it amounts to countless resurrections and defeats taking turns with each other.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Teresa only had a few scenes, but quickly became very beloved by the fans.
  • Foe Yay: EPIC amounts of it between Cassandra and Roxanne. Also, Clare and Ophelia, though mostly from Ophelia's side
  • Freud Was Right:
    • Dauf stabs ladies in the stomach with poles his body makes that occasionally come out of his mouth. Classy.
    • In Luciela's Awakened form, her whole body is covered in mouths.
      • Luciela is downright SUBTLE compared to THIS.
  • Glurge: Through all of the hardships that Clare went through upon becoming a claymore, considered to be a failure and ridiculed because of so, she was able to press on because she always had Teresa with her... Very literally so since Clare was able to become a claymore by having the flesh from Teresa's decapitated head implanted in her.
  • God-Mode Sue: Priscilla. She's so incredibly powerful that no one can beat her, that even a piece of her arm is enough to possess Abyssal level Awakened Beings, and she hasn't lost a. Single. Battle. Gets quite annoying how the goal Clare had set for herself is unattainable with these odds.
    • Lets make it clear: she's making Madara fucking Uchiha have a harder time against opponents than Priscilla does. Priscilla even survives being cut up into tiny chunks! To clarify: while pretty much all of the characters have been sliced and diced in some way at one point or another, Priscilla's head is also sliced into tiny chunks. And somehow she manages to get to Cassandra's corpse, at least a good hundred feet or more away, and start chowing down. Despite having been in bite-sized pieces. What.
      • And she has NOTHING on Teresa, who is taking easy defeating her and gives priscilla plenty of room for more power ups instead of killing her on the spot, because no matter what priscilla does, Teresa is shown to be superior to her.
  • Jumping the Shark: A lot of fans have put their hands up and walked away from the series at some point during the final battle against Priscilla. She kills interesting and likeable characters (often soon after they're introduced and before they have the chance to be fleshed out), and she's so damn unkillable that it'll take an Ass Pull to finish her off.
    • Perhaps an Ass Pull won't be needed after all, as Teresa coming back was hinted at earlier in the story — her presence inside of Clare was implied even as far back as Clare's first meeting with Miria, when Miria told Clare that Clare's rank bothered her because it had felt as if "the strongest was standing before [her]". Turns out that in a sense, it was true.
  • Les Yay: So much that it gets its own page.
    • Loads and loads between Deneve and Helen.
  • Love to Hate: Roxanne provoked more discussion than the vast majority of the post-Time Skip cast and rapidly endeared herself to the Claymore fandom, if only by being utterly loathsome.
  • Memetic Mutation: * Ahem* , Nobody out-crazies Ophelia!
    • SUPERB!
    • Chronos has reached fandom familiarity as being referred to as "Jesus."
    • THE QUEEN IS BACK! Explanation (SPOILERS) 
  • Moe: Young Clare, pre-Awakening Priscilla, and the Organization's trainees. Awakened Priscilla has some Moe traits in her human form (wandering around naked, randomly glomping Raki), but don't let them fool you.
  • Moral Event Horizon: One could rationalize the Organization's actions as those of a collective Knight Templar Well-Intentioned Extremist (lost sight of the goals, may need to go down, but at least thinking they serve some use), then it's revealed they're the ones creating the Yoma.
    • Roxanne's habit of Mega Manning the signature techniques of more powerful Claymores then killing her teachers was born of a twisted internal logic that makes putting her down pretty much mandatory, but watching an Awakened Being rape and torture a far weaker Claymore to death without lifting a finger to help moved her from the "Cut her head off now please." category to the "Will someone invent the wood chipper so she can be fed to it feet first?" category in the eyes of many readers.
  • Nausea Fuel:
  • Nightmare Retardant: While most of the Yoma look like something straight out of Lovecraft's notebook, there are few that are... rather silly looking...
  • Paranoia Fuel: Are you sure that your family members are really them and not a yoma in disguise after it ate them?
    • With the revelation that Yoma are actually Body Surfing parasites instead of monsters disguising themselves as their victims, yes.
  • Periphery Demographic: Claymore seems to get a dosage of female fan attention for a Shonen series, and it's obviously not because of the cast of Bishōnen characters.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Post-Time Skip, Raki attracts a lot less hate from fans of the series, because now he's capable of actually taking an active role in the plot.
  • The Scrappy: Priscilla. Her incredible power keeps being wanked and wanked, there's no feasible way for her to be defeated, she keeps stealing the spotlight and finally betrays Raki despite everything, admitting she never cared about him nor Isley, and leaves him to be taken by the Organization. It also doesn't help at all that she killed Teresa.
  • Stoic Woobie: Raftela. Besides being created to kill other Claymores, she's kept away from them altogether, meaning she wasn't even allowed to bond with anyone like the Ghosts or Anastasia and Nike did. And she decides to use what's left of her life for their sake anyway.
  • Tear Jerker: Has its own page.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character/They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Roxanne in a way was Clare's Evil Counterpart, so some people might feel that way about the they never meet.
  • Too Cool to Live: Teresa, Jean, Flora, possibly Ilena. Miria would have counted had she not been spared by the other Claymores. The author admitted that if Teresa had survived or were somehow revived, he would have to rewrite the whole story.
    • On the villain side, the original Abyssal Ones, and Chronos and Octavia, as of chapter 149. Yes, they would have had to die eventually but still...
  • Uncanny Valley: Rubel. He's human alright, but... well, see The Unsmile.
  • Villain Sue: After many contenders, the true Villain Sue can only be, without a doubt, Priscilla.
  • The Woobie: By this point, it is easier to count the characters who are not Woobies on hand. The men of the organization, bandits, Roxanne, and most male Awakened. Everyone else needs a hug, a glass of milk and a plate of cookies.
    • Cassandra, a Shrinking Violet who has, by chance, discovered a technique that she loathed but which propelled her to #1 of her generation. The only person who didn't loathe or fear her, the nameless #35, was killed in a disgusting, brutal, and completely senseless manner due to a Manipulative Bitch's machinations. Then, she was summarily executed by fellow Claymores. And on top of that, she was resurrected, brainwashed, sicked on her fellow warriors, and eventually awakened, tricked to fight Priscilla—only to be devoured by her just as the Ghosts seemed to have offed her for good.
    • Woobie Species: All the Claymores were orphans who were unwillingly put through painful and life threatening surgery so that they could fight man-eating monsters. Even the strongest ones don't get to live very long.

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