Fridge / Claymore

Fridge Brilliance

  • This started out as a bit of Fridge Logic for Claymore and then became absolutely brilliant. I kept wondering how the Claymores could exist at all. If Claymores are people with yoma flesh and blood in them but Claymores are the only ones who can hunt Yoma, then how did they get the first Claymores? Plus, how did they figure out this would even work? It wasn't until later that I realized, that wasn't Fridge Logic it was foreshadowing! Since the organization created both Yoma and Claymores the Organization would have had the material from the get go. The fact that they couldn't have gotten Claymores without Claymores was a logic puzzle that was a hint to the organization's more sinister machinations.Wind Weaver 19
    • It's not quite that bad. While Claymore are needed to hunt, i.e. find, Yoma, actually killing yoma can be done with conventional tropes. So if you do get lucky, and/or just wipe out everyone in a town to be sure of getting the yoma, you have your first Claymore material!
    • This doubles with the initial contradiction that Claymore were created solely to fight Yoma yet their awakened forms are about a hundred times more dangerous.
  • Chapter 129: look at the middle seam of the warriors' uniforms and their little turtleneck thing. This makes The Reveal seem so obvious now: of course they have a straight line wound going down their bodies. If you were a doctor, how the hell else would you put a foreign object into every part of a patient's body? —g3m1n1
  • When we first see Clare's Awakened form, her right arm is noticeably different from the rest of her body, being a mass of segmented tentacles instead of enormous claws. Why is that? Because it's not her arm! Her right arm had been replaced with Irene's and we're seeing what Irene's Awakened form would have looked like!
  • Dae's theory that the Claymores' power is derived from their hatred towards the yoma flesh in their bodies offers another reason Clare was ranked dead last. Clare loved Teresa, the donor of her Claymore flesh. Clare doesn't have any real problem with carrying a piece of Teresa inside her, so there's no internal conflict to empower her.
  • Doubling with Fridge Horror: With the revelation of exactly what kind of deformation the Claymores suffer from as a result of their transformation, suddenly Rubel's throwaway comment from way back at the beginning of the story (the second chapter!) makes more sense. Clare is bathing, and he asks her if she's trying to wash off the scent of blood — then follows it up by saying that it's a useless effort because her own body produces that scent. Of course it does. It has a massive, gaping wound that will not heal.

Fridge Horror

  • Chapter 129: Claymores have their guts held in by a line of stitches. Now think about it. A trainee is going to be constantly needing those stitches redone as they grow, and their going to constantly be popping and stretching. And no wonder Helen and Deneve figured Clare couldn't have had a kid. Just try going through pregnancy with something like that! —Tropers/Darkwing
  • As stated above, Dae hypothesized that the Claymore's power derives from their hated towards the Yoma flesh in their bodies. Teresa was the most powerful Number One of all generations of Claymore, and if she ever awakened would make all other Awakened Beings - including the Abyssal Ones and Priscilla - she would make them all look like specks of dusts. Her backstory is that she was sold to the Organization by the people she trusted in the past. If Priscilla's anger and madness turned her into what she is now, just how much rage was boiling up inside Teresa all those years?
    • Basically, if Teresa had ever Awoken, it likely would have been the end of the world.
  • The reveal of the Yoma's true nature causes a lot of this. The yoma that "impersonated" Raki's brother in the beginning? That really was his brother!
    • Also, the yoma that impersonated Clare's brother, the one that raped her and killed her family? That could've been her actual brother as well.
  • The fact that even after they had created some truly impressive monsters, the Organization still continued their experiments. Just how powerful are the dragons that the Organization still wasn't satisfied with their results at the time of their dissolution?
  • With the revelation in 142 (assuming Dae isn't just talking out of his ass again) that Priscilla ate some of her yoma-infected father's corpse during the month it took for the Organization to find her it now makes sense for Priscilla to be more powerful than just about every other warrior except for Teresa. After all, just how human was Priscilla when she started the yoma hybridization process? Though this now raises a few more questions about what the hell was up with Teresa if she was still MAGNITUDES more powerful.
    • Since Teresa was sold to the Organization and therefore likely didn't have the chance to ingest yoma flesh like Priscilla, how much pure rage must Teresa have had within her, hidden behind that calm fašade? As mentioned above, that's Fridge Horror on its own. The Organization is lucky that all Teresa did when she defected was wander off with Clare instead of deciding to crush them utterly. She could have.

Fridge Logic

  • When Clare first helped Jean transform back from a fully awakened body to her human body in chapter 47, how the HECK did she avoid her guts falling out of her now untreated and open stomach wound? Although at the time we couldn't see her naked front clearly enough to see what the deformation on a Claymore's body was, when we saw her awakened form we could clearly see a complete lack of stitches running up from her crotch to her throat. So how did that work, did the stitches just vanish while she was transformed and return magically intact when she returned to normal, or did acquiring an awakened body somehow cure her of her unhealing wound?
    • It has been said that Awakening heals the wound, in fact it's the only thing that does so. So it makes sense that having Awakened once already, Jean wouldn't have a wound anymore.
    • That is likely the same for all partially awakened Claymores, since they were worried about Clare coming back in that state rather than the state she was in before.
      • No, I would think that all partially-Awakened Claymores would still have the wound unless their torso was also altered by the partial Awakening, which is not the case with any of the other partially-Awakened Claymores in the series (thus far).
    • The real Fridge Logic is why Miata still has the wound after Awakening, and didn't need to be stitched up upon returning to human form. Presumably an oversight.