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YMMV: BrainScratch Commentaries
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Many fans believe that Ted secretly loves Gen 4 and The Legend of Zelda and may possibly be Billy MC.
    • The Kirby games would like you to believe that Kirby is the hero. The BSC Crew doesn't really see it that way.
    Ted: Our villain-I mean hero, Kirby...
    • The guys talk about how Animal Crossing after going into the mythology of the Kappa end up thinking he's taking you to purgatory.
    • According to the Mario commentaries:
      • Luigi's a silent, but snaky sociopath who loves money and hates everyone.
      • Waluigi's an annoying jerk who's not only a drug addict, but he also has a gambling problem. He's also Luigi's rival.
      • Wario and Waluigi are the Scapelli brothers, as seen in the Super Mario Bros. movie.
      • Mario is positively obscessed with seeing Boom-Boom (the fortress miniboss of Super Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario 3D Land)
      • Toad is Satan, and Chance Time is hell.
      • Yoshi's a drug addict.
      • Peach is either really lucky or she pays Toad to tip the game in her favor.
      • Bowser can't do anything (not even rearrange his spice rack) without either Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad or all four coming to beat him up. As well, he's invited to everything they do except for the parties. As Ted puts it:
    Ted: No, parties are too formal for Bowser.
  • Base Breaker: Amanda. To clarify, it's not because she's a girl. It's because she has no charisma or sense of commentary identity, likely due to lack of experience. Because of this, she comes across to some as trying too hard to be funny and being awkward as a whole when talking when compared to the others, seemingly ending sentences abruptly with irrelevant topics and then just stopping, leading to an awkward silence. Some people will endlessly bitch about her even when she's not in a commentary. Others are more optimistic and say she's getting better.
    • Ryan gets a lot of flak for complaining a lot, having a perceived unfair advantage in multiplayer games (he DOES win most of the times. This is particularly on display with Mario Party), and coming off as an elitist.
    • Hell, pretty much every commentator is a base breaker to varying degrees - Johnny is probably the only commentator without a significant hatebase. The only thing that comes close is a minority of people sometimes getting annoyed with his "philosophical reasoning" about some things, like his reasoning for keeping most of his Wii U games digital. If that's not petty, I don't know what is.
  • Bizarro Episode: Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker. Lampshaded by Ted in the opening.
    Ted: John, what were you drinking?
  • Blatant Lies: A lot of fans, and the entirety of the BSC crew (with the exception of Ted), believe that Ted got lost in front of dungeon 3 in Zelda 1. This is because Ted made a jump cut in front of the dungeon, and Ted stated previously that whenever Ted made a jump cut, he's looking at the guide. He claims that he was just starting a new recording, but very few people believe him.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The two times Worker and Parasite are used.
  • Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch: Most of the time, if Lewis has not played the game being commentated on, he does this. Otherwise, he just comes off as ignorant.
    • That could apply to all of them. When the commentary is of a game one of them hasn't played, expect a lot of questions from that member that could come off as ignorant. Johnny in particular sounds like he is giving a news interview when he is the questioner.
      • This applies HARD to Ted whenever they are commentating on anything by DC Comics, as he prefers Marvel.
    • Subverted when Lewis says that while his PC is getting repaired the other 2 can commentate on games he has no interest in. (Mega Man 6 etc.)
    • Ryan is almost as critical of Gen 3 (specifically the Hoenn games) as Ted is of Gen 4, even though he hasn't touched them. Averted with Johnny, who also hasn't touched them (sans both Gens' remakes of Gens 1 and 2, purely for nostalgic purposes), but keeps his opinion neutral.
  • Character Tiers: discussed in Brawl.
  • Critical Research Failure: Although it in itself WAS a Crowning Moment of Funny... Johnny states in Kirbys Return To Dreamland that Hal is making the 4th installment of the Super Smash Bros. series when in fact Namco Bandai are making it.
    • Ryan will sometimes make factual mistakes about the topic at hand, such as thinking Pokemon Gold and Silver came out in 2001, when it was actually 2000, and saying Captain Planet isn't in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, when he is actually the last character you unlock. He also said that Mega Man 9 and 10 were for the Virtual Console, when they were actually for WiiWare. This one could be written off as a slip of the tongue.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Enough to get it's own page, but here are a few examples:
    • In Part 2 of the Sonic 4: Episode 1 commentary, when Johnny goes into Special Stage 4, the very first instant he hits a bumper...
    • In their Portal playthrough, the crew constantly says "Wheeeee!" when flying through the portals. GlaDOS joins in on their fun, trying to be one of the guys.
    • Too many things from the F-Zero GX commentary to list.
    • Through the magic of clipping, Lewis gets murdered by a ring box in Sonic 3.
    • In Sonic 06, Silver ends up hurling Sonic into outer space during Sonic's playthrough. This is arguably topped when the battle is revisited while Solaris is playing as Silver... "Super Machine Gun Table Attack!"
    • This from part 5 of Super Mario Sunshine. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: In one part of the Super Mario Sunshine playthrough, when Ryan finally gets to the Mecha-Bowser fight, Lewis and Johnny joke about how the face makes it look like it has Down Syndrome.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: John by default, considering he's the only main commentator not listed below in the Scrappy listing. Much of his relative popularity is likely because he is the most well-known of the main four, and even when he doesn't like a game, he won't complain nearly as much as the other crew members unless the game really deserves it.
    • Pretzal Bag, too. Before he died.
    • The Mario Party videos. They provided a lot of laughs and many fans requested them to do more playthroughs of them.
  • Fan Hater: Though the three main commentators into Pokemon all hate Gen IV, the reason Ted receives the the brunt of the resulting backlash (aside from bringing it up more often than the other two just to bash it) is his insistence that nobody should like the games. It's not difficult to look through the comments of Pokemon commentaries and find several points where he argues with viewers, something the other two have never done.
  • Freud Was Right: The entirety of the discussion during Tunnel Rhino's mid-boss battle.
  • Fridge Logic: Lampshaded in the Pokémon Crystal commentary as they got confused why the people of Lavender Town dig up Pokémon graves in the Pokémon Tower and turned said tower into a radio tower when they clearly had trouble in the town Ghost Pokémon because of disturbing the graves
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Amanda mentioned in the Ib commentary she doesn't like to bug people out. And then she found out that she's considered The Scrappy of the group by many.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The random Mario sound effect in Part 10 of the Super Metroid commentary.
    Solaris and Johnny: What the fuck was that?
    • Basically anything that comes within the borders of Ryan's PC mic, although it has been stopped by him buying a headset... mostly.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Watching Lewis' kleptomania in the Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) playthrough prompts Johnny to ask what will happen if Lewis ever decides to play Pokémon for the channel. Cut to two years later, as Lewis begins his playthrough of Pokémon Leaf Green, which, before being commandeered by Johnny, is insanely slow-paced (it takes 2 and a half parts to get to BROCK). Lewis catches multiple fodder Pokémon, takes the time to explore every aspect of the game ad nausea (as in talking to EVERY NPC and reading EVERY sign at the lowest possible text speed), and remains consistently lax at actually editing bits out (enough to make even Ryan complain).
    • To add to this, Ryan made jokes during the Sonic playthrough about a Pokémon playthrough by Lewis having hundreds of parts and taking forever. Johnny points out at one point during the actual playthrough that if it were to continue in that manner, it would take them well over two years to actually get through it.
    • During a random bout in brawl, Johnny told Clement Megaman wouldn't be in Super Smash Bros 4. Come the official announcement and Megaman was the HIGHLIGHTED new character.
      • Later, in their final Brawl livestream, Johnny specifically invokes Clement's prediction while saying Palutena should be in Smash 4. Guess who was announced for the game.
    • An earlier one. In their Super Mario 64 playthrough, they speak about Miyamoto's opinions on cats. Lo, and behold...
    • During the Pokémon 2000 movie commentary, when Ash asks for a boat to fulfill the prophecy, the crew jokingly says he's going to use it to climb a mountain. Later on, that same boat is actually used to climb a mountain on one of the three islands and helps Ash obtain a MacGuffin. The boat goes on to become the most important thing in the movie.
    • In part 4 of the Sonic Heroes commentary, Lewis mentions that Sonic Shorts had ended. While it's debateable at the time it was recorded if it happened, but by the time the part was uploaded, the Sonic Paradox team had finally put their Grand Finale out.
    • In Part 9 of Shadow The Hedgehog, the guys have a debate about the president in the Sonic universe until Lewis says "Mr. President should have vetoed Sonic 06, but he didn't.", and Johnny follows up with "And that's why we have Obama." what puts this here is that this part was recorder before, and uploaded after, the 2012 presidential elections.
    • In Part 6 of Devil May Cry, John talks about him wanting hover boards before 2015. Later in March...
    • In Part 4 of New Super Mario Bros Wii, the guys talk about wanting a Luigi's Mansion for the 3DS (It should also be noted that they discused potential names for what would become the Wii U earlier in the Playthrough).
    • In Part 3 of Link: The Faces of Evil, Ryan mocks fans of Gen 3 for their expectations of remakes that won't happen, and Ted agrees that such fans should stop getting their hopes up. About a month after the recording was posted, look what was announced....
    • In Part 3 of Sonic 06, Ryan jokes about how Lewis is so good at the game, that he'll be the one playing Superman 64 for the channel. When they got around to playing that game, Lewis ended up being the most competent at controlling Superman.
      • It became even funnier when it turned out that Ryan was way better at the game than both Lewis and Ted combined. And it was his second time playing it.
    • In Part 2 of Mario Party, Lewis claims that chance time is only good "when it gets me a free star." And then in Part 3, Lewis ends up stealing Mario's star via chance time.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks: Ted got a lot of this (especially from Matt) with his favorable opinions of the first Legend of Zelda. To be fair, having never played the game before making a bet with Johnny, he had to keep a walkthrough open the entire time; even Zelda 1 fans will admit that the game can't be enjoyed without memorizing how to complete it. He was also heavily picked on by the other commentators for his constant deaths.
    • Also, his hatred of Gen 4. Johnny and Ryan aren't exactly fond of it (Lewis dropped the series after Gen 2), but they were clearly losing interest in the series after Gen 2, up until the Gen 2 remakes gave them a "nostalgia boner", and don't complain about anything in particular so much as call the games boring. Ted, however, finds fault in nearly every aspect of the games, and most of his complaints are either hypocritical (ex. criticism of cross-generational evolutions as lazy and unnecessary while praising Gen 2 for doing the same thing) or pure bias (ex. claiming that the Physical/Special Split was a Game Breaker with minimal evidence and against popular opinion by his own admission), almost never touching on its relatively few actual flaws (ex. the poor frame rate in Diamond and Pearl). It stands out more than his opinions of Earthbound and Zelda 1 not just because he was never interested in those two series to begin with, while being otherwise a big fan of the Pokemon series, but also because he can be quite obnoxious towards anyone who claims that Gen 4 is good despite all the highly subjective issues he has towards it.
      • On the topic of Pokémon, Ryan with Gen 3. It's not that he outright bashes it so much as that he feels the need to repeatedly say that he doesn't know about its Pokémon nor considers them worth learning about. Johnny actually has a similar attitude toward Gen 3, but gets off with relatively little hate for it because he's not saying "Gen 3, don't care" every time he sees one of its Pokémon. Gen V seems to be the only generation all 3 that still care have completely embraced, particularly Black and White 2.
    • Also with Kirby and The Amazing Mirror, and The Mother Series, the first one in particular.
    • Interesting, an aversion of this trope with Pokémon has somewhat helped Amanda's popularity, with her usually being the only commentator in Pokémon videos without a bias toward any generation, such as Ted's blind nostalgia for II and hatred of IV, or Ryan's indifference to III.
  • Ho Yay: Invoked in Kirbys Return To Dreamland.
    Ted: Get off of him so I can kiss you!
  • I Am Not Shazam: This bit when Lewis was explaining why the Bowser Stages from Mario 64 felt the most right.
    Lewis: ...his name was Jump Man for a reason. Not Trial-and-Error-Taser-Treasure-Chest-Puzzle-Man, not Pump Man, JUMP MAN!
    Ryan: He was in Mega Man 10 damn it!
    Lewis: I know, but apparently he was also in Super Mario Sunshine.
    • To add more hilarity, a YouTuber commented that Mario would turn into Hump Man when Peach is rescued.
    • The crew has expressed some degree of concern when they learned their handle "Brain Scratch" was being abbreviated as "BS", which is also an abbreviation for bullshit. This ironic revelation caused much hilarity to ensue.
  • Kudzu Plot: Played with in Kid Icarus: Uprising part 16 where Lewis reveals a bunch of plot twists that make no sense that lead to more plot twists that make even less sense.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Ted could come off as one in Ib part 5. After the guys decide the rules for a voting contest regarding I Wanna Be the Guy... Ted UPPED the ante and stakes of the contest by declaring that the loser play Kaizo Mario World
  • Memetic Badass: Join the Church of Captain Falcon today!
    • That fucking boat from Pokémon 2000: The Movie.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!!" was a particular catchphrase used during the Turtles in Time playthrough, notably by that commentary guest-commentator, Spax3. On its own, the line is a perfectly good laugh from a 90s film. Repeated constantly at high decibels... not so much.
    • Amanda's outburst in part 23 of Shadow the Hedgehog, when Shadow is revealed to have been created with Black Doom's blood. Everyone found the revelation stupid, but Amanda ran around screaming "WHAT THE FUCK!?" for so long that even the other commentators became impatient. This moment is responsible for the most hateful comments Amanda has received.
      • In general, loud outbursts in an attempt to be funny are the main reason Amanda is so controversial.
    • Ryan's raspberry noises in the IGN Top 25 3DS Games is considered this.
    • Lewis' constant use of "Peach is useful!" during the crew's LP of Super Mario 3D World, which is combined with Lewis sounding bored every time he says the phrase and screwing everyone up 99% of the time during the game. He did apologize for the phrase overuse later on.
  • Never Live It Down: Pretty much every member has one. Here's a list:
  • Pet Peeve Trope: When it comes to co-op games, Ryan absolutely loathes griefing since he finds it incredibly annoying and stops the team's progress. He mentions his hate for griefing during the group's Super Mario 3D World run and asks the others to keep griefing to a minimum. Ryan also tells Johnny that he's glad that Matt (Johnny's friend) wasn't playing because he knew Matt would be griefing the entire time as he did in SGB's let's play of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U.
  • That One Player: Lewis wins by doing absolutely nothing.
    • Ryan shows many shades of the trope during the group's play through of Super Mario 3D World. Ryan screws up the least due to having the most experience of the game and he is quick to complain the minute someone in the group screws up and makes everyone else suffer for it.
    • Ryan (who plays as Waluigi) wins on the Waluigi board by going in a circle pretty much the entire game. The other players (Johnny, Ted and Lewis) are understandably peeved.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Curse in Paper Mario is this to Ted, especially shown in the playthrough since it ends up doing the worst possible things at the worst possible times, the worst being in the battle with the Superboss in part 36 in which it ups his attack on the turn he's CHARGING HIS ATTACK.
    • Ted (multiple times): FUCK YOU, CURSE!
  • The Scrappy: Ryan became this to some on during the Super Smash Brothers Brawl commentary and the E3 2013 discussion video, due to his opinions of Nintendo and its franchises.
    • Lewis became this to some anime fans when he said "I like Naruto more than Dragon Ball Z" in Final Fantasy 6.
      Ryan: Can I punch you over the internet?!
    • Ted is steadily becoming the most divisive member of the crew. Examples include his voice being grating to some (it's probably his accent), making klepto comments during Metroid Fusion and Sonic Colors, the aforementioned excessive bashing on Gen 4 of Pokémon, his self-appointment into an often inaccurate and biased authority of the Pokémon series in general, and to some, coming off as self-righteous and stubborn about points others made during the Sonic Lost World playthrough.
    • Amanda gets this treatment the most. It's a rather love or hate thing she's got going.
    • Some people have showed hatred towards Ryan's friend Andrew, some making fun of his speech impediment.
    • It is worth noting that some of Andrew and Amanda's haters do come up with legitimate reasons to not like them. Examples include Andrew's speech impediment being hard to understand coupled with him trying to be very vocal, and Amanda with her rather loud, high-pitched laughter. This does not excuse (and unfortunately seems to be outnumbered by) those who openly mock or insult the two, although Amanda seems to be getting better treatment as of late.
    • Canary Mary is this to the crew.
    • As is Bidoof, particularly to Ted, given his scathing hatred of Gen 4 in general... so Johnny catches a female one in Pokémon Y and nicknames it Ted.
    • And Amy Rose. During their Sonic CD LP, they get a Nonstandard Game Over by staying idle for three minutes because they're that reluctant to save her!
  • Squick: Gareth's Reaction to a joke about There Are No Girls on the Internet is this, however it can be seen as Hypocritical as this is from the guy who claimed that Eggman powers his robots with semen (see the Hellfire Commentaries Funny Moments page for more information on that).
  • Wangst: Everyone's reactions in the Nintendo section of E3 2013's impressions video has them concerning about the company's business decisions (e.g. Mario branding and lack of returning IPs), however Ryan constantly whines about Mario Kart 8 not being F-Zero and Super Mario 3D World just being another Mario game. note 
  • White Knighting: Ted got accused of doing this by some when he defended Anita Sarkeesian, a highly divisive Internet figure and to some, outright scrappy on his Twitter page.
  • The Woobie: Amanda, who is often hounded by the viewers for minor faults to the point that some will leave the video the second they hear her voice.

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