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Drinking Game: BrainScratch Commentaries
  • Take a shot whenever a member makes a Sonic reference.
    • Two if they lampshade it.
  • Take a shot whenever someone references Storm Eagle.
  • Similarly, take a shot whenever someone references Toad Man.
  • Take a shot whenever any of the commentators poke fun at Ted for not having a shiny.
  • Take a shot if any of them make up a new word.
  • Take a drink whenever someone is redundant.
  • Take a shot whenever someone asks "What time are we at?" note 
  • Take a shot when any Biffalo is mentioned.
  • Take a shot whenever they mention Skype not working.
    • Take two if it's notably audible.
      • Three if there is an outright stop in audio for a second or so. note 
    • Take two if they're dropped from the call altogether... or if they just muted their mic by accident.
  • Take a shot if Lewis is called out for being a Klepto
  • Take a shot whenever Ryan's history of not editing stuff out is brought up.
    • Take another if Ryan retaliates by saying, "I edit shit now!"
  • Take a shot whenever RAPIDASH DASH DASH.
    • Take two if he actually calls Ted in real life to talk about his Rapidash!

  • Take a shot whenever he points out the Obvious.
  • Take a shot whenever he sings a Brental Floss song.
  • Take a shot whenever he finishes someone else's sentence.
  • Take two shots whenever the only reason he gives for disliking something is "Because it's stupid" or that it "suuuuucks".
    • Drink whenever he complains about Nintendo
      • Three shots whenever it is in a "whiny" voice. You will die when watching the E3 2013 video.
      • Three shots if he asked for another F-Zero game.
  • Take a shot whenever he greets a character who comes onscreen with, "Hiiii, <character's name>!".
  • Take a sip whenever he answers an obviously rhetorical question.
  • Take a shot whenever he says "D'oh!"


  • Take a shot every time he says "God damn it!"
  • Take a shot every time he makes a pun.
    • Take two if Ryan says "Booooo" in response.
    • Finish the bottle if he makes a really good one. note 
  • Take a shot whenever he bashes on Gen IV, Mother/Earthbound Series, or The Legend of Zelda.
  • Take a shot whenever he's compared to Lewis.
    • Take two shots when he's compared to Loki.
  • Take a sip whenever he questions the logic of a game.
  • One shot for every time he says "if that makes any sense".
  • Take a shot whenever he mentions Kirby's genocidal tendencies.
  • Take a shot whenever he bemoans the loss of a Pikmin.

  • Take a shot every time he does the Revenge of the Nerds laugh. note 
  • Take a shot every time he does an impression.
  • Take a shot if he bursts out laughing.
    • Take two, if he's laughing for no reason or from a joke that was said more than a minute ago.
  • Take a shot whenever he said he "fell in love" with something, or calls something "the definitive version" of a game, movie, etc.
  • If you are watching a Brain Scratch Random video that doesn't have Lewis, Take a shot when he does "The Lewis Call"
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