Awesome: BrainScratch Commentaries

  • During the Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition playthrough, Johnny starts repeating one of Dr. Robotnik's lines in Sonic Adventure, only for Lewis to have a comeback.
    Johnny: Can you make it to over here Leon?!
    Solaris: Um... yeah, get a load of this.
    • Later, 10-15 seconds after they beat the boss.
    Johnny: No way, I can't Believe this!
    Solaris: Timing...
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 The Lost Levels: Nayrman's wall-jump.
    • In the Super Mario Bros Retrospective, Ryan declared that he has reached worlds A-D of the original version.note 
    Johnny: My balls shrunk when you said that.
  • Played for Laughs, but the F-Zero GX commentary...for all the wrong reasons!
  • The ending to the battle against Red in the Pokemon Crystal playthrough.
    Ted: OhshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitJOHNNY HELD ON WITH FOCUS BAND! FUCK YEAH! REVERSAL, BITCH! note 
  • Ted being a good sport of playing The Legend of Zelda, despite his horrid playing skills and the constant barrage of insults he takes in good stride from the other four commentators.
  • Ryan's narrow escape from the sinking tower in Mega Man 8.
  • Gareth managing to get Mike Pollock to give a special shout-out to the guys at the start of Sonic Colors has earned Gareth Johnny's love and admiration.
    • He also manages to get Jason Griffith to do it at the beginning of Sonic Riders.
  • The BrainScratch Commentaries Crew manages to talk to Mike Pollock!
  • Chuggaaconroy responds to a message on Twitter stating that he's a fan of BSC and would love to be a guest.
    • Johnny responds to that message reciprocating the thought.
      • Forget that, they hung with Chuggaaconroy at Momocon 2013!
  • This reply by Johnny from a person attacking Ted. (Touhouvania Part 3)
    Commenter: Can you guys tell Ted to shut the hell up. Thanks.
    Johnny: Nope.
  • Johnny managing to get FOUR achievements in one run of Green Hill Zone's first act in Sonic Generations. Granted they weren't particularly difficult achievements, but nonetheless an impressive feat.
  • Ryan managed to take Mecha-Bowser in Sunshine out without even trying to aim the last hit... from far away in a place that's extremely hard to hit it from.
  • Ryan doing a spinning pile-driver off the mast of a ship for the final hit on the boss of Pecan Sands in Wario World.
    Ryan: That was so epic he exploded!
  • Whenever Ted got Cutter+Thunder ability in the Kirby 64 playthough, and the moment Ryan edited in during part 3.
  • Their outright disapproval and dismissal of that Earthbound Fanit during the second TV Tropes reading.
    • Said Earthbound Fanit wrote this (Quote was taken from the Main Page's History):
    Tthis is starting to be the case for ryan when it comes to the mother series, as he does not undertand that. 1. rpgs were not popular until the ps1 days and it makes perfect sense that earthbound would not have sold well. 2. it is unlikely a game for the gba would come out in america during 07 as the ds was just coming out. 3. there is a ton of compy righted material in both earthbound and mother 3 and as such it would be problematic to get mother 3 out without censoring the hell out of it. the creator even said he would not do it, which is why earthbound is not on the vc.
  • The moment that gave Part 16 of Return to Dreamland its name: "Ted is the new Mc Guyver". The crew need Cutter to get a gear. Lewis — who is Kirby and not Waddle Dee — accidentally sucks up, and spits out the dead corpse of the mini boss that gives Cutter. Ted devises a plan to suck up Ryan and spit him across the gap to the switch, that would open up a passageway to the gear. Ted gets the gear he pretty damn well earned as Ryan agrees:
    Ryan: You deserved that one.
  • Lewis won in the first board of Mario Party 2. By doing absolutely nothing.
  • Ted won the last board of Mario Party 4.
  • Ryan refusing to give up a battle in Brawl when he and Johnny were at 1 stock, Ryan at 200% damage and Johnny at 0; he still lost, but he did put up a damn good fight before going down.
  • Also in Brawl, Chuggaaconroy appears in the seventh episode and wins most of the matches in the next few parts.
    • He also joins the group in Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Some might argue that the songs made by Runner Guitar for the group, count as awesome music.
  • Johnny giving a GIANT middle finger to Dreadnought Galaxy's Battlestation's Purple Coins in Super Mario Galaxy by trying to collect the Purple Coins at the end without the platforms. Sadly... he did not succeed but he WAS able to get 92 Purple Coins in total. He collected twelve coins with PURE skill!
  • The guys actually getting a shoutout from Steve Blum of all people at Kami Con. He even threw in a little "Bang".
  • Every part of Link: The Faces of Evil ends with a different version of the BSC logo from over the years, to celebrate their 5th Anniversary.
  • The Live commentaries done at Pax East 2014 were full of these including but not limite to:
    • Part 6 of Mario Party 3 is aptly named: "We play for mad cash!" In chronological order:
      • Ted visits Game Guy and manages to win 96 coins, 8x his previous total.
      • Lewis, the worst player, manages to beat Ryan, the best player, in a Duel minigame and double his coin count (taking the other half from Ryan in the process).
      • Lewis using the Boo Bell item and Boo space on the board on the same turn to steal a grand total of 47 coins from Ryan.
      • Lewis ending that same turn by landing on Game Guy and doubling his coin count to 114.
      • Ted activating a Battle Game with an entry fee of 50 coins per person, and everyone is able to afford it, making the 1st place prize a whopping 140 coins. Ryan wins the minigame almost immediately.
    • In Waluigi's Island, Ryan spends the entire game on the Chaos route, revolving around the top-left island and throwing the game for a loop every so often, spouting "Anarchy!" all the while. Despite all his shenanigans and not actively seeking out stars, Ryan wins the board on minigame and Game Guy wins.
    • Ryan managing to do a near-perfect run of the first few areas of Superman 64, only cut short by Ted accidentally resetting the console while checking the expansion port to see if Ryan bribed the N64 to let him do well.
    • As an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, John won the board played in Mario Party 1, considering Waluigi's clean sweep in Mario Party 3, this was well deserved.
  • In the final part of Metroid: Fusion, Johnny took down the second phase of the SA-X with only two charged shots. That alone would have been awesome enough, but then when Ted asks how on earth he managed that, Johnny replies with: "Because I'm fucking JOHN!" You will believe him.
  • On Ryan's own Twitter feed, somebody (a troll) used thoughts of suicide for some reason. Ryan handled it not only with empathy, but professionally delegated the subject over to a professional help line, noting that although he is modestly known as the leader of brainscratch, he is not able to help on those subject matters, and that the person should seek professional help regardless. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment for showing empathy and taking the matter very seriously.
  • At Momo Con 2015, the gang gets Ryan to play through Five Nights at Freddy's, agreeing to let him stop once he gets jumpscared. Ryan, who's never played the game at all, manages to (with Johnny and everyone's help) make it all the way to 4 AM of Night 5. Night 4 was the true star moment; Ryan endured the screen blacking out twice (due to the computer he was using being critically low on battery power), and when he ran out of power in-game, enough time had passed so that 6 AM rolled around before Freddy could jump him with the Brainscratch crew giving him a round of applause. Step aside, Markiplier, FNAF 1 has a new king.