YMMV / Angela Anaconda

  • Acceptable Religious Targets: Played with. Josephine is a devout Christian who is portrayed sympathetically, but the humor comes from the moments of her more extreme (and bizarre) religious expressions.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Angela herself; a funny and relatable protagonist or a Creepy Child (and sadly not the Goth kind) with an annoying voice that provides an awful theme song?
  • Bile Fascination: At least among those who are turned off by either its cast or its bizarre animation.
  • Cliché Storm: For those not turned away by the art style and the lead character's voice, the general plots are the same used in many other Slice of Life cartoons, and many character-arcs are based around common stereotypes (such as Johnny's grandparent's Mafia-like feud with a conflicting pizza restauarant, and Nanette being both the Alpha Bitch and Rich Bitch).
  • Designated Heroine: Angela Anaconda can come off as this in her Imagine Spots, where she fantasizes harming or even murdering anyone who dares does something she doesn't approve of, especially Nanette and Mrs. Brinks.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The town is named 'Tapwater Springs'. A report years after the show ended revealed that much of what's bottled and marketed as "spring water" is really just ordinary, filtered tap water.
  • Les Yay: Nanette and Angela's interactions can sometimes feel like this, mixed with a heap of Foe Yay, especially in the Imagine Spot in "Stuck on You". Even some of the fanbase shares this view.
  • Memetic Psychopath: The title character has become one in recent years. People make her out to be a psychopath who imagines herself killing Nannette, ignoring the fact that she doesn't intend it seriously, and that she's only a child and that a lot of children tend to do that.
  • Mis-blamed: For a while, it was very common for people to believe that the show being owned by DHX Media was what prevented Nicktoons from airing the two KaBlam! episodes with the original Angela Anaconda shorts in reruns. This was debunked in the early 2010s when the creator of another KaBlam! short revealed on a (now defunct) fansite that Viacom still owns the two original shorts, just nothing else. The episodes continued to air in reruns on Nickelodeon even after the short was spun-off on Fox Family.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Angela's voice is... far from the most pleasant thing to listen to, especially in the theme song.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • You'll either love this show's cutout-style animation for being unique, or be downright horrified by it for its unnatural look and movements.
    • The two original shorts that aired as part of Kablam make the series look adorable by comparison.
    • In "The Substitute", Angela has this one Imagine Spot of ordering her enemies at a cannibal restaurant. Has inspired a Creepypasta story.
    Angela: (in her fantasy, to a waiter) I'll have the crepe Nanette with mashed Derek, and some Markaroni and Cheese.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Sue Rose, creator of Pepper Ann, created this show and voiced the eponymous character.
  • The Scrappy: A rare invoked example in Nanette Manoir, Karlean, and January. Although Karlean seems to be treated as the least of three evils as unlike January, she actually got some character development.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Many people actually like the idea of the clip-art scrapbook style, but often consider that the plotlines of episodes are often too bland or over-the-top, while other people think that they are excuses for Angela to have more fuel for her Nanette (and Mrs. Brinks) hatred.
  • Uncanny Valley: Due to the show's choppy Clip-Art Animation, it can be seen as unsettling due to the model's faces staring into the camera at times.
    • For some, Baby Lulu's face may make even the most horrific monsters from Bloodborne look like Ridiculously Cute Critters in comparison.
    • The original shorts aired on Kablam, which were much more crude in comparison to the later shorts. The fact that characters like Nanette and Johnny have cherub-smiling faces that don't change makes it worse.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic:
    • Surprisingly, Nanette can come off as this, as The Mysterious Mr. Enter points out in his review of "The Substitute".
    • Cici Lecreme from "The French Connection". While she is far from a major antagonist, Angela's immediate hostile reaction to her becoming friends with Nanette is very heavy-handed, especially as Cici herself still remains fairly kind to Angela and even admits to still caring about her.
  • Watch It for the Meme: Many people watch the show due to the reviews by The Mysterious Mr. Enter or PhantomStrider, or for the theme song.
  • The Woobie:
    • Josephine can go into this given what she goes through.
    • Karlean in "Kar-lean on Me".