Heartwarming / Angela Anaconda

  • The "Chanukah" episode where the Manoirs find the Menorah heirloom on the bus, take it and use it as a chandelier. But then after they improvise at the Chanukah party (without said Menorah), the Manoirs actually drive up and return it to them. For one moment, Nanette actually isn't a total bitch...which quickly fleets.
  • Coach Rinehart wants Gordy to be a big, tough jock like him, but Gordy would rather bake strawberry souffles. Eventually, his father accepts him for who he is...and admits he likes the souffles.
    • In fact, the exchange is very heartwarming, when Coach Rinehart asks what Gordy and Angela's brothers are doing. When Gordy tells him they're making a chocolate souffle, his response:
    Coach Rinehart: A ''chocolate souffle?! How many times do I have to tell you! *his expression changes from angry to happy* My favourite is strawberry."
  • Most of "Karlean on Me" is actually pretty nice (outside of the Imagine Spot that occurs during the second half of the episode), since this is the development of Karlean, one of Nanette's cronies who is pretty much supposed to be a Flat Character.