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Webcomic: Fur Will Fly
Fur Will Fly is a Furry Comic (now concluded) about a human named Brad who, after getting fired from his job at Tim Hortons, asks God to, quote, "Bring it on." Less than a second later, he is teleported into a government-funded lab in a Mirror Universe where everyone is an anthromorphic animal in one form or another (the author seems to love throwing obscure or seldom-used animals into the mix). After a series of culture shock strips detailing the differences between the two universes the strip quickly settles into a pattern of following Brad through the various travails, romances and sitcom-esque gags of his new life . . . at least before taking a turn for the dramatic. Luckily, this works to the reader's benefit and is done fairly well.

There is now was (the archives got taken down due to creative team disputes) is now again an ongoing no longer ongoing sequel/spinoff to this comic, called Coming Up Violet; check it out!


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alternative title(s): Fur Will Fly
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