Webcomic: Black Tapestries

Black Tapestries is a long running webcomic about a world called Raekarta which is home to Humans, and a race of anthro-animals called Kaetif. The story stares Lorelei, an immortal werefox who likely already wants to kill you. The story mostly details the conflicts between Humans and Kaetif, the various attempts of the Order to capture Lorelei, and how series antagonist Issac is involved.

The comic is written and drawn by Jakkal. It was started in 2002, though it was abandoned in 2007. It was going to be started up again in 2008, but after a couple filler pages the comic was again abandoned. In February of 2010 Jakkal announced a possible reboot of the comic, and again on July 11th, 2011. However that promise went unfulfilled as well.

Near the end of 2012, Jakkal posted a link to http://www.blacktapestries.com/. By January 2013 the entirety of the Black Tapestries comic, sans the 2008 fillers, was transferred from the Comic Genesis site. But she spent the remainder of that year adding on to the Realm of Kaerwyn timeline, producing three new issues of material centered around an Orderguard named Endiymon and Niixa, a xarax'il, (raccoon-ish cave dweller), forced to work together against a mysterious woman in white and her amassed werewolf army.

Finally, beginning February of 2014, in the midst of the fifth issue, Winds of Change, Jakkal began adding pages to issue #19 Factions. She has stated clearly that during the 7 year hiatus, there would be noticeable tweaks and adjustments to the story. Black Tapestries now updates roughly every week with no set day.

This webcomic contains examples of: