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Frollo trolling Hades in the Underworld
Since Frollo regularly comes back to life, could this have been his way of convincing Hades to let Gaston go back to his life?

Lemongrab taking the show
Perhaps the reason he stole the show when Frollo was too young was because of the last time someone took over Frollo's show? He himself was the one who declared Wilford Brimley's version of the show as unacceptable.

Best Hercules in the Pit-y
He's the only villain in the Pit-y, with the other characters being heroes, and he's torn up over the Irate Gamer's death. This could either make him have a Heel–Face Turn from interacting with the heroes, resulting in a Big Damn Heroes moment when he takes a level in badass and defeats Perfect Wilford Brimley. Alternatively, he could prompt the heroes in the Pit-y to all pull Face Heel Turns and use them to get revenge on Frollo.

Ronald McDonald will have a major role later in the series, either as the Big Bad, or his/her dragon
Ronald is a far more sinister character by his second appearance, and he even outright tells Frollo that he'll "just come back angrier." He'll likely become a progressively more sinister villain with each appearance he makes. Seeing as how two secret videos reveal that he created the illusions that defeated him in his original fight with Frollo, as well as the Vegan Police officer who took away Wilford Brimley's powers, he is likely far more powerful than he lets on and may even be manipulating events from behind the scenes.

Ronald McDonald is Corset
It may be obvious after a certain point on Leet Fighters 6, but those with keen ears might pick up that Corset's voice can be heard when Ronald speaks.

Ronald McDonald represents the seven deadly sins, and is trying to corrupt Frollo
In "Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita," Ronald incapacitates Panty, the object of Frollo's affections. He specifically tells Frollo that he left her alive, but not able to resist him, should he decide to have his way with her. He is clearly encouraging Frollo to give into his lust. Frollo appears to consider it, but ultimately resists the temptation. The next time Ronald appears, in "Frollo Finally Does It Part 2," he speaks to Frollo about the beauty of anger. Again, he appears to be attempting to influence Frollo to embrace his wrath. Again, Frollo ultimately resists the urge and kicks Ronald away. If the pattern continues, the next time Ronald appears he will likely attempt to get Frollo to give into another deadly sin, and Frollo will have to resist that temptation, too.
  • Speaking of which, In one of the latest episodes. He also tries to give frollo a burger filled with maggots, Obviously tempting frollo to Gluttony
  • At the episode's conclusion, he shows all the friends who abandoned Frollo on their last legs, about to be finished off by one of Wilford Brimley's monsters and shows him how hopeless fighting Wilford really is. This sends Frollo into a Heroic B.S.O.D., because at this point, Ronald is encouraging him to give into Sloth, or more precisely, the "sin" Sloth ended up replacing: Despair.

Wilford Brimley's dimension is actually him
It seems odd that only his clones shown up.

Madotsuki is the key to defeating Wilford
Seeing as how Wilford's ascension to godhood was done by absorbing Madotsuki's sorrow, it's only fitting that she have a major role in his defeat.

The whole point of the entire show is redemption
We already know that in Disney's movie canon, Frollo and Gaston were originally villains. After they died in their respective movies, they were brought before God to be judged. However, God saw the underlying good in their hearts and instead revived them, sending them into an alternate dimension that resembles our modern world in order to give them a second chance to redeem themselves.

Frollo, being Frollo, didn't take this very well at first, since he's still set in his ways and has no idea on how the modern world works. Gaston also felt the same way, since he was still reeling from his humilation and rejection by Belle and defeat at the hands of the Beast. They presumably hated each other in the beginning, but over time they became best friends (although they occasionally have their moments, as evidenced in "Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents").

Frollo and Gaston's redemption are also the reason why they often team up together to fight the bad guys. In the duration of the show we get to see character development as we see them fight zombies, other Disney villains, evil knockoffs, gods, and so on. Of course, since the show is named after Frollo, he gets the most development. The reason why he gets fire powers is because in his former life, he used fire to commit racial genocide and burn down an entire city. After he was revived by God, he was given those powers so in his next life, he can use them for good. His complicated relationship with Panty and her sister Stocking represents the lust he tried to repress, namely the lust for Esmeralda; while Frollo is still a Dirty Old Man, he is shown to feel genuine love for Panty on occasion, even restraining himself whenever an opportunity arises.

While Gaston is given less focus, his purpose is presumably to become a Humble Hero. In his former life, Gaston was arrogant and believed himself to be entitled to everything, including Belle's hand in marriage. He was selfish and underhanded, being willing to do anything to win. However, on occasion he was shown to display great intelligence, such as using Sonic's spring to escape the Underworld. Gaston is also probably more savvy than Frollo, since he taught the concepts of the modern world to Frollo. This is why, in the Frollo Show's "Youtube Poop" era, they were seen dicking around and creating general mischief to the point of trolling. By reviving Gaston and making him do heroic deeds, God has made sure that Gaston will forge a more positive reputation by helping other people out of selflessness instead of doing things just to boost his own popularity.

As for the large cast of allies and villains, their home dimensions were purposely merged together by God as part of his plan to turn Frollo and Gaston into heroes. This is why we see a variety of different characters, such as Lemongrab, Ronald McDonald, Adolf Hitler, Ib, and so forth. Having Frollo and Gaston work with different people will allow them to form friendships, which is another major part of their redemption.
  • You win the WMG page forever.

Frollo has an American Cousin
His name is Sam Frollo. He wears a cowboy hat. He will also speak French, which will get a Hand Wave explanation that he's Cajun.

Later in the series, Quasimodo will become the new Big Bad
Frollo's the main hero and every one of Quasimodo's cameos is in some way negative to him. Only make sense for him to be a full blown villain later.

Wilford Brimley will be revealed to be Bill Cipher.
Frollo Finally Does It and Weirdmageddon have too many similarities.

A common twist in RPG is having someone betrayed who was supposed to be the main villain. Since Wilford already did that, it would be more unexpected.

Ronald McDonald will turn out to be Good All Along
His various temptations toward Frollo in Episodes 16 and 17 can, with some effort, be read as a Secret Test of Character for Frollo, to see if his character development has indeed stuck. He never seems particularly miffed when Frollo doesn't give into temptation, just surprised at most. Assuming this ties into the above WMG about Frollo being in purgatory, this is especially likely. Needless to say, however, Good Is Not Nice.

Mormon Jesus' experiments will be critical to defeating Wilford
When Irene and company spy on Mormon Jesus experimenting on the Wilford parasites, he kills one that's latched onto him by injecting it with a needle full of an unknown substance. Irene has probably taken care to scrounge more of this mystery substance to help Frollo fight God!Wilford.

More characters will die in Friend's Story.
At the end of Frollo's perspective of Frollo Finally Does It, Leonidas, Garbage Guy, Spartacus, Adal Ramones, Yomika, Günsche, Gwonam, and Yzma are all missing, indicating that they died offscreen. If not, they were probably sent to that dark place with Fegelein and Mephiles.

Panty and Gaston's son is still canon.
Technically an angel, so he could be important to Wilford's plan.

Wilford just wants to replace Frollo and Gaston.
Wilford's first appareance was presenting Gaston's funeral telling how they met. Frollo hits him and Wilford returns as an antagonist replacing Frollo, Panty and Stocking in the show. This could mean that he originally wanted to be Frollo's best friend, and since he couldn't, he tried to take the show and become the new host. Ronald could have a similar motivation and that's why he stops Wilford's atempts.

Frollo's Cousins won't return.
All of them died in "Frollo gets flashed by a gothic lolita" for a reason: the joke is dead and overused. Hans Frollo trying to return from the dead was an amazing way of showing that death means more than before. If they revive in the end, it would mean that the series would end soon.

If the series continues past Frollo's Birthday Arc, the live-action versions of Frollo and Gaston will appear as antagonists
Judge Jean Frollo (from the 1939 film) and Live-Action Gaston will seek to replace their animated counterparts.
  • This troper thinks that would be funnier a Bizarro Episode where every animated character is live-action and vice versa.

Ronald is a superior being and wants friends like him.
A regular thing he does is letting characters into their Despair Event Horizon, making them more powerful: Frollo's monster form, Haruhi's godly powers, Madotsuki and Yomika's dream-warping abilities... Instead of becoming Wilford's friend, he maybe wants a group of characters to become as powerful as them to have more friends. Frollo and Wilford are obsessed with having friends, so this is a recurring topic in the show.

Related to the above,Best Hercules will receive a superform.
If he wants to avenge Bores' death, he needs a power-up. Frollo would fight without killing him. That imoprovement would look like:

Leet Fighters will cover parallel events of The Frollo Show, but just until Frollo's birthday saga.
Onwards, it will be an episodic series like what The Frollo Show used to be.