Awesome / The Frollo Show

  • More or less the entirety of the Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents story arc. One awesome fight after another.
    • On a semi-meta example, Frollo manages to skip 2 stages in being a Super Saiyan. As in going from 2 to 5. And then he skips the first two when he transforms again... So he can instantly turn SSJ5.
  • Frollo's This Is for Emphasis, Bitch! to Scanty and Kneesocks.
    "Bring it, bitches."
  • Frollo and Gaston doing the Giga Drill Break. With Bison and Guile being the shades that hold the victim up.
    • Frollo Fucks the Gods in general is an awesome moment for Frollo and Gaston, as it's the first time in the series that they win a fight without either outside help or sacrifice.
  • Frollo's enemies marching towards his party.
  • The Kingdom Hearts fan remix of ''Hellfire'' playing during the fight scenes in Frollo Celebrates His Birthday. It gets lampshaded by chincherrinas in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, as he points out the following in a Freeze-Frame Bonus showing this very page.
    "Really? Just the song? I just friggin' dragged it from a folder to the vegas timeline... give more credit to my fights. Whoever did it was awesome."
    • Guile's Sonic Boom was pretty cool too.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita.", ranging from Johnny's Taking You with Me attack towards Corset, to Madotsuki killing Batiatus in revenge for him killing Ib, while Stocking assists her just to punish him for killing an innocent in cold blood all the way up to and including Wilford Brimley going One-Winged Angel. It also gets two meta versions.
    • The effort that chincherrinas put in the fights, which was definitely worth the wait, including a return of Super Saiyan Frollo, now drawn and animated.
    • The final few minutes of the episode turns into an interactive sequence where the viewer must answer trivia, all of them being for the people who were very observant throughout the series, but the final one being for the very observant. Getting the last question answered is pretty awesome, especially if you weren't using the URLs of the Annotations to help.
  • Johnny's moment of awesome begins when after getting depowered by Jafar and tries in vain to attack Corset to no avail. Corset then taunts Johnny. "Who has the power now?" Johnny's response? "I'll show you!" and throwing a football... that misses Corset. However, the football manages to cut through a part of Notre Dame. Johnny then pushes Corset out of the window, with the two of them falling down. They land, and Corset laughs it off. However, he then sees what Johnny was planning... He put them in the spot where the part of the building he cut would fall, stabbing them. His moment doesn't end there, folks. During their plunge into the Underworld, Corset points out how his death will be in vain due to his key out of the Underworld, but Johnny slaps it away. And so, they fall on the spike that Corset himself suggested to put.
    • This is followed by Mark's own moment, powering up and uppercutting Jafar so hard that half of his body is knocked up into space where it collides into Pyron's ship.
  • Irate Gamer gets one in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita. After being continuously depicted as a useless weakling, he actually manages to overpower and almost kill Demitri and Morrigan (who are pretty weak themselves)...until Frollo shows up and kills him with one attack.
  • Bleemo the magic fire gets one when Frollo feeds his own fire to him. Bleemo grows to massive size and utterly fries Dmitri Frollo.
  • Ib gets her moment when she opens a can of whoopass on Batiatus after Garry dies. Unfortunately, it doesn't amount to much in the end.
  • Madotsuki... just... Madotsuki, period. Shame it's her abilities that allow Wilford Brimley to become God.
  • The entire show could qualify. The creator of the show managed to take one of Disney's most evil villains and somehow managed to make him not only the star of his own show, but also a hero. That is awesome.
  • After the Mind Screw that is Frollo's Story in Frollo Finally Does It, Frollo, upon seeing his friends being battered and beaten by a monstrous Wilford bird and getting a pep talk from Stocking, Gaston, and Panty, goes SSJ5 once again with a BFS in hand. Ronald asks why he still fights for them despite them ditching him, but Frollo kicks him to the curb and flies forth, ready to ram his sword into the Wilford bird.
    • This ends up being a Tear Jerker in the Friends Story, as Ronald tricked him into accidentally killing Yomika and pushing Madotsuki farther into the Despair Event Horizon. Oh, and his friends? They were just an illusion.
  • The PITy story allows all of the defeated characters from Flashed to have A Day in the Limelight where they have to defeat an opportunistic Dark Messiah, and they prove that they can pull it off.
    • Irene hatches an expert plan to rescue all of the survivors, defeat said Dark Messiah and she raises a force with which to fight Wilford Brimley.
    • Best Hercules's reaction upon seeing the mutated streets of Paris?
      Best Hercules: I've seen worse. Now to business!
    • Silver, who spent all of his screen time up to this point being the Butt-Monkey, uses his Psychokinesis to great effect.
    • Reggie Fils-Aime, in his brief role, has two such moments: