Heartwarming / The Frollo Show

  • Frollo's decision to choose Gaston, his best friend, or Panty his infatuation. His response?
    Frollo: BROS BEFORE HOES! (then gives a fist punch to Gaston)
  • It is rather sweet that Hans Frollo would never harm Frollo or his family, since that is what his mother taught him. He works with Frollo in order to escape Hell, and in the episode Frollo Is Too Young, he makes some chemicals that would cure Frollo and convert him back to his old self. That is just sweet.
  • Even though it was a dream, it was touching that Gaston went into the River Styx to retrieve Frollo's soul.
    Gaston: No one cares for Frollo... LIKE ME!!!
  • The reason for Stocking killing Bataitus for killing Ib in cold blood.
    • And later, Ib and Garry holding hands as they fall in the Underworld.
    • The flashbacks in the episode, just the flashbacks. They are very well made and beautiful. Especially Frollo's flashback with Hades. Even Hades' minions note that Hades get less bitter when he's hanging out with Frollo and having a beer.
  • The first few minutes of episode 17. While terribly awesome, they're also strangely cute, seeing how, even after the fierce and sometimes tragic battles of the previous episode, everyone manages to put aside their grudges and work as a team. It's just nice seeing them all work together and save each other, from Hades teaming up with Frollo for a supermove to Frollo getting surprisingly affectionate towards Stocking to Marco playfully giving a Dope Slap to Haruhi with a shoe. Turns out this is a damn good team when they work together.
    • There's also what Frollo says to Madotsuki after her powers go out of control and wind up (seemingly) killing Mephiles and Fegelein, and some of the teammates begin to label her as a traitor. A speech so heartwarming that it actually manages to make Madotsuki stop being so traumatized by the battle beforehand.
    "Oh come now, girl! After all we've been through, I'm so much more intimate with you now. Remember, girl... This {points to his team} is your sanctuary."
    • This gets "slightly" negated later on once Frollo finds out they have to break Madotsuki and promptly does it without a second thought.
  • Episode 6 begins with Frollo giving his eulogy to Gaston after his sudden death, stating he was his only friend. This has become a serious case of Heartwarming in Hindsight, because not only did Frollo literally go to Hell and back to resurrect Gaston, but has accumulated a huge ensemble of unlikely friends, some of whom used to be bitter enemies. Sure, he ends up losing them after hurting Madotsuki, but it's clear that he understands what he did was wrong and seeks to atone for it, and when he realizes they're on the ropes, he rushes off to their rescue even though they abandoned him.