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Video Game: Wolfenstein
Wolfenstein is a long-running series of videogames created first by Muse Software, then followed by id Software, and later by Raven Software. This series is often regarded as the series which launched the First-Person Shooter genre with Wolfenstein 3D, alongside Doom, also by id. So far, the games in the series are the following:

Most of the series follows the adventures of the soldier William "B.J." Blazkowicz in his war against Those Wacky Nazis. Although 3D had a comical side in some aspects, what with a Secret Level featuring the Pac-Man ghosts, later Turn of the Millennium entries have a more "serious" thematic, with heavy emphasis on the supernatural and occult regarding Nazi Germany.

Common tropes found across the series include:

Shadow KnightsCreator/id SoftwareWolfenstein 3D
Watch_DogsUsefulNotes/Xbox 360 Wolfenstein: The New Order
The WitcherTurnOfTheMillennium/Video GamesReturn to Castle Wolfenstein
The Wheel of TimeFirst-Person ShooterWolfenstein 3D
Return to Castle WolfensteinWorks Set in World War IIWolfenstein: The New Order
Wolfenstein 3DUsefulNotes/SteamThe Wonderful End of the World
AnamnesisDiesel PunkCastle Wolfenstein

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