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Video Game: Samorost
The (presumably) alien protagonist and his pet dog. Wait, a dog? In space?

Samorost and Samorost 2 are games released by Amanita Design.

Samorost features a gnome who, upon discovering a floating planet on a collision course with his own planet, flies there in his space rocket in hopes of stopping the menace somehow.

In Samorost 2, a pair of aliens kidnap your dog, and fly back to their own planetoid. After chasing after them, sneaking in through the front door and through some passages, you trap the fat alien in his own trap, and head for the surface. On the way home, your spacecraft runs out of fuel, causing you to crash on another planetoid. You and your dog find a sleeping taxi driver, wake him up, refuel his ship, and return home.

These games provide examples of:

The first Samorost features:

Samorost 2 features:

  • Fat Idiot: After being pushed under his own trap, he presses the button to try to grab you. It snags him instead.
  • Gasshole: Used to power the taxi.

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