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Video Game: Serena
Intended as a "love letter" to the Kickstarter community, a free, very short yet detailed adventure game. Nightmare Fuel through and through, it tells the story of a man who recently lost his wife, the titular Serena, but is all what it seems in this psychological horror?

Has a lot of support from the old-school adventure gaming community and fans, including former Sierra staffer Josh Mandel, who voiced the protagonist, and Pushing Up Roses, who performed the unseen but once Serena. Also includes the likeness of adventure enthusiast Serena Nelson, to whom the game is dedicated.

The nature and extremely short length of this game being what it is, it's hard to discuss anything without spoilers, so they're unmarked. Be VERY careful reading!

Needs Wiki Magic Love!

Provides examples of:

  • Character Development: Though from positive to negative as the protagonist's memories return: He realizes he hates his wife and her idiosyncracies, her nitpicking at everything, her shallow attempts at trying new things...
  • Dead All Along: Accumulating evidence suggests that this is the case for the protagonist.
  • Domestic Abuser: Serena has one big mark against her in this category, chucking a frying pan at our protagonist and missing. (Or not?)
  • Jump Scare: You wouldn't think there'd be one, but near the end of the narrative, you're finally able to open the closet near the bed. Also, check the picture again for further proof that our protagonist is Dead All Along...
  • Kill It with Fire: Unless we pick up on a few context clues that our protagonist is Dead All Along, we think, at the end, that this is his fate; of course, it still could have been...
  • Shout-Out: Many on the bookshelf!
  • Visual Novel: A Western example.
  • Wild Mass Guessing: There's a lot to go on in this game, but not a lot of explanation; therefore, this is our best recourse.
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