Video Game / Quest for Yrolg

Yrolg and his imp

An indie Adventure Game created by Crystal Shard, found here. Yrolg the Necromancer is about to finish his ultimate ritual and take over the world! Of course, this attracts the attention of a mighty warrior, cunning thief, and powerful enchantress, who venture to his cave to kill the evil Yrolg.

Your job is to stop them.

In an inversion of the common roles in adventure games, you play a nasty little imp who has to use his wits, traps, and the other minions in Yrolg's lair to kill the three heroes. Because otherwise the world will become a happy joyful place filled with sunshine, and what manner of imp wants that?

The game has voice acting, and is translated into German, French and several other languages.

And, of course, it contains tropes: