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Video Game: Brandish

Brandish is an Action RPG series by Falcom notable for having a rotatable "camera" despite having entirely 2-D gameplay, thus allowing the player to do things like circle-strafing, hit-and-run attacks, and other typically-3-D techniques. Only the very first game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was ever released in other countries, and with great alterations at that. An overview of the game series can be found here.

Thus far, there have been four main games in the series:
  • Brandish & Brandish: The Dark Revenant: Ares once killed a wizard, so the wizard's apprentice, Dela Delon, seeks revenge. While battling, one of Dela Delon's spells breaks open the ground, sending them both into a deep labyrinth. Now, Ares must figure out a way to escape. This game was remade for the PSP as Brandish: The Dark Revenant and retains the same rotatable camera system.
  • Brandish 2: The Planet Buster
  • Brandish 3: Spirit of Balcan
  • Brandish 4 & Brandish VT: Fata Morgana Templum: No relation to the previous games

The series provides examples of the following:

E.V.O.: Search for EdenPC- 98 Cobra Mission
Brain LordAction RPGCadash
Brain LordUsefulNotes/Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemBreath of Fire I

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