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Video Game: Anna
Anna is a horror adventure game for Microsoft Windows, published in 2012 by an independent Italian studio Dreampainters. It can be purchased here.

Allegedly based on an ancient Italian legend, the game features a nameless and faceless protagonist, who is haunted by nightmares about a house he has never been to. It seems, though, that those dreams have something to do with some woman from his past named Anna. As if she's calling out to him.

Finally he finds an abandoned, dilapidated house from his nightmares, breaks in... and that's where things take a turn to really, really creepy and really, really weird.

The game was rather poorly received by the critics, who praised the atmosphere and the horror aspect, but criticized the nonsensical puzzles and a rather incomprehensible story. However, the game proved to be fairly popular with the audience; it became something of a trend to make video walkthroughs of it.

It was released again in 2013 as an 'extended edition' that features completely retooled puzzles, a new inventory system, 5 new endings, some changes to the scare system, and some redone translation work. It was given for free to original customers, and critics' opinions improved dramatically, with its initial 55 Metacritic rising up to a 75.

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Warning: spoilers ahead.

Anna includes examples of:

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