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Hello there, welcome to my page.

I'm a 20-something British Troper who has been on here for about 3 years now. Compared to the other members of the fora I'm quite benign and boring, though I don't really consider that a bad thing. My main interests lie in Video Games so I'm in that section of the forums most of all. I do venture to the other sections every once in a while however.

I don't really do a lot of editing, mainly because I'm crap at it. I'm learning though, slowly. When I feel more confident I'll probably contribute on the Trope page-side of things more and more.

Anyway, if you feel like having a video game related chat or just want to get to know me better, just send me an old PM. Thanks for visiting and turn off the light when you're done, would you?

    Video Games Franchises I Dig 
  • Street Fighter
  • Soul Series
  • Tekken
  • Blazblue
  • King Of Fighters
  • Gran Turismo
  • Need For Speed
  • Call Of Duty
  • Demon's Souls
  • Dark Souls
  • Red Faction
  • Borderlands
  • Dragon Age
  • Mass Effect
  • Worms
  • Hogs Of War
  • God Of War
  • Front Mission
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Duke Nukem
  • Pokémon
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Red Dead
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Uncharted
  • Devil May Cry (Not the Reboot though)
  • LA Noire
  • Ico
  • Shadow Of The Colossus
  • Tomb Raider
  • Driver
  • Saints Row
  • Batman Arkham Series
  • Bioshock
  • Wipeout
  • Jak & Daxter
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Resident Evil
  • Onimusha
  • Splinter Cell
  • Silent Hill
  • Zone Of The Enders
  • Half-Life
  • Burnout

    Television Shows I like 
  • Top Gear
  • Mock The Week
  • Russell Howard's Good News
  • Live At The Apollo
  • QI
  • Would I Lie To You?
  • Have I Got News For You
  • The Borgias
  • The Blurb
  • Chicago Code
  • NCIS
  • Doctor Who
  • MythBusters
  • The Simpsons
  • Family Guy
  • Scrubs
  • Question Time
  • 8 Out Of 10 Cats
  • 10 O'Clock Live
  • House
  • Bottom
  • Red Dwarf

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    I have you, sitting right here! ~ You know who writes the songs.
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  • Wait... wait...? TWO SONGS?! YOU LUCKY SON OF A BI... I know a guy called Sabian,
    His name rhymes with Kasabian,
    And he likes them.
    I find him to be a very sweet guy,
    Always happy and kinda fly,
    He's offbeat, I guess,
    His intellect works so hard, it never rests,
    I'm sure he's pretty humourous,
    Although his wit is dry,
    If he were to go, we would all cry. -Inhopelessguy
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