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Trivia: Robot Wars

Trivia Tropes

  • Actor Allusion: Red Dwarf was mentioned a lot in Craig Charles' early series. The robot "Scutter's Revenge" (and its followup "Spawn of Scutter") was a reference to the Scutters, Inquisitor from series 2 was named after the title enemy from series 5 episode "The Inquisitor", and Charles himself made a joke about gazpacho soup in one episode.
  • Adored by the Network: At the height of its powers around series 3 and 4, the show was definitely this, to the point where new episodes could be seen up to three times in one week.
  • Dub Name Change: Their mere existence forced Banpresto to change the title of their series to Super Robot Taisen (Taisen means Wars in Japanese) for all games released in English speaking countries.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: One of the roboteers in a series 5 heat is now recognisable as stand-up comedian Daniel Sloss.
  • Missing Episode: Previously thought to be the entire show, though more are popping up. In the past, German, Dutch and US Robot Wars are thought to have been lost, though all but the latter is now on YouTube. Similarly, the International League Championship was thought to be gone in similar fashion.
    • The Pilot episode MTV made is likely to remain missing for a long time. The only evidence of it even existing are a few references on some of the competitors' websites (most of which no longer exist).
  • The Pete Best: Team Cassius. Their first robot reached the final of the First and Second Wars (and some believe it threw the final battle in the Second, because the winner, Panic Attack, were donating their sponsor money to charity and would've got more for winning). Their robot in the Third Wars was one of the best, although it fell very early and the team retired in protest of lax safety regulations before the Fourth Wars, just as the show became popular.
    • Mick Cutter especially so. He left Team Chaos at the end of the Second Wars to join Team Cassius and didn't enter after Team Cassius pulled out. Team Chaos won the championship that year, and the year after, becoming one of the most popular and successful robots.

General Trivia

  • Rex Garrod, captain of the Cassius team, was also the inventor of Brum.

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