Funny: Robot Wars

  • Any time Diotoir catches fire. Which is every time it fights.
    • One exhibition match featured Nemesis (Diotoir's predecessor) and Ramrobit (a sacrificial robot built especially for the occasion) tag teamed against Sgt. Bash. In preparation for the event, Nemesis arrived with kebabs attached to it and a chef's hat, and commentator Jonathan Pearce remarked that he had heard the team doused their robot in paraffin as well. The end result was a true CMOF, and enough to make any pyromaniac weep with joy.
  • In series 3, heat D, Bumblebot and Ultor comparing their weapons. See it here, at 9:50s. More impressively, Philippa manages to get through most of it with a straight face.
  • In the first War of Independence, Mortis comically hitting Sir Killalot on the head with its tanto axe.
  • Shunt smashing Major Toms plastic bubblegum-dispenser head with its axe in the Fourth Wars.
  • Shunt's insistence on smashing model heads in general can lead to moments of these. One particular example during the first extreme with Subversion had an entire toy person on a submarine like robot get knocked off the mast.
    Jonathan Pearce: Man overboard!
  • The Refbot and Sergeant Bash getting into a fight during one episode of Extreme II, with the Refbot attempting to put out Bash's flamethrower with his fire extinguisher. Even Jonathon can't focus on the actual fight because Sgt Bash was chasing Refbot around the arena.
  • Major Tom driving into the pit it had just opened in its Fifth Wars fight against Kat 3.
  • Sir Killalot catching fire after attempting to push Robopig over the flame pit in the Third Wars.
  • Razer losing to the laughable Aggrobot in the Third Wars, not because Aggrobot was a superior robot, but because the back of Razers weapon dug into the floor and left it unable to move.
  • During Hypnodisc's first fight, against Robogeddon, when the former has completely ripped the latter's armour off and wrecked the wheels, two of the Robogeddon team members are seen talking to each other:
    Jonathan Pearce: What's he saying? "There's a way back into this for us"? I don't think so!
    • Not to mention Jonathan Pearce's hysterical laughter throughout much of the battle.
  • In Series 2, during the "Tug Of War" trial, the camera frequently cuts to a young girl holding a sign that says "Matilda", after the house robot. After the robot Kill Dozer manages to be the only robot to survive a the trial against Matilda, the girl turns her sign around to reveal it reads "Kill Dozer." Not nearly as funny as Jonathan Pearce's reaction, though:
    Jonathan Pearce: Hey! You can't do that!
  • Following Hypnodisc's similarly one-sided Series 4 fight against Splinter:
    Craig Charles: Very close fight, we'll have to go to the judges on that one. Only joking!
  • During the Series 4 fight between Dominator 2 and 101 (Dominator 2 is armed with a large axe and spends the fight sticking numerous holes in 101):
    Jonathan Pearce: Do not try this at home, children, with a toothpick on your brother's favourite model car. Wait until Christmas Day and do it then!
  • The Plunderstorm/Plunderbird team were a walking, talking Crowning Moment of Funny.
    Mike: "We found out that other teams have been using tactics. We don't like tactics, do we, Bryan?"
    Bryan: "No. We don't like any small minty things."note 
  • In their second battle of Series 5, Razer were pitted against Widow's Revenge, a team made up of the wives of the Razer team members. What followed was one long, relentless Crowning Moment of Funny that truly has to be seen to be believed.note 
  • In one Featherweight battle in series 7, one robot was put on the flipper and was flipped all the way out of the arena. To top this one, it happened again when two featherweights were put on the flipper, which launched one out of the arena again, but the other one hit the ceiling and landed in the pit.
    Jonathan Pearce: That's come down with snow on it!''
  • Pretty much anything involving the ill-fated Joke Character Granny's Revenge. The first time it came around, it got burned to the ground by Sgt. Bash due to how highly flammable it was. The second time, it got bashed up, ignited again and squashed by an overhanging cooker.
  • One battle in The New Blood Tournament between 3 robots called Chopper, Mad Dog, and ICU basically consisted of Mad Dog doing next to nothing, ICU TRYING to have a fight, and Chopper driving into every danger the arena had to offer and generally trying to kill itself as quickly as possible. Jonathan Pearce's commentary adds to the funny.
  • After a dull battle in the Extreme 1 Vengeance, Craig Charles claiming that they couldn't show any highlights because there weren't any. The battle, which was between Plunderbird 5 and Mega Morg, was initiated because the two teams did hilarious and disparaging rap battles against each other after Mega Morg's team told Plunderbird's they would show them how it's done because "we're Welsh". In the battle itself, as the only action was Bash melting, and Shunt axing, Mega Morg's so called "Ninja Sheep", Pearce claimed that the duo did it out of boredom, and also told Shunt to carry on with his attacks after Refbot booked him!
  • Craig's son Jack tended to pop up every now and then as a 'guest' team member. He appeared as part of Diotoir's team in Series 5. After they won their first battle, Craig immediately shook his hand before talking to the main team members — Jack never said a word.
  • Firestorm started its Series 6 campaign by dominating the four-bot melee. It flipped one robot from the start and let it to rot, flipped another robot into a Corner Patrol Zone and left it to the house robots, and then flipped the remaining competitor and dumped it into the pit. It finished by driving straight into the pit afterwards.
  • Sir Chromalot's drivers had some fun in season 6. While they were driving it into the arena for its first battle, they drove their bot into Shunt. Whether it was deliberate or not, that still provoked Shunt into following them for a few seconds.
  • The culmination of the first round melee in heat H of series 4, which saw all three competitors - Wheely Big Cheese, Prizephita and Wheelosaurus - ending up in the pit at the hands of the House Robots.note 
  • During the first of two Antweight battles displayed on TV, Anty B somehow wound up getting stuck under the floor flipper for the entire battle.
    • Jonathon Pearce's commentary on this one is absolutely hilarious given it's essentially "toy" robots and he conducts it as though it's the heavyweights!
  • During the fight between Panic Attack and A-Kill in Series 6, Jonathan Pearce comments disparagingly on A-Kill's flimsy swinging weapon which does nothing but lightly tap Panic Attack:
    "That...that's not a weapon. I'm sorry! What is that?! What is this on top of A-Kill? A mighty mace? No! A...a heavy, horrendous hammer? No, no, no! Oh, a...stupendous, slicing, cutty thing? It's...nothing, really, is it?"
  • The occasion on which the Drop Zone was loaded with a huge amount of balls (ranging from bowling balls to ping-pong balls) that went everywhere on release.
    • Or the time when the item dropped was a small portable television which got impaled on a spike sticking out of its "victim". Compounded when Matilda came in and destroyed the television with her flywheel.
  • Some of Craig's material was actually really funny, such as his introduction for Heat F of the 3rd Wars:
    Craig: Now, when you think of love, you think of candlelit dinners... skipping through poppy fields... "Where's all me money gone?"...