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Trivia: Mallrats
  • The mall scenes were filmed at Eden Prairie Center in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) suburb of Eden Prairie. Six years after filming, that mall was extensively renovated with a radically altered floor plan.

  • Actor Allusion: In one scene, Doherty's character Rene is called "Brenda" by mistake (her character in 90210). Ben Affleck's character's name, Shannon Hamilton, is a veiled reference to Doherty's previous marriage to Ashley Hamilton.
  • Creator Backlash: Kevin Smith famously made a mock apology for how awful this film was on the official movie website just to screw with all the fans who hated it.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Renee's anger about being called "Brenda" isn't fake. No one told Doherty that Suplee was going to say it, and it apparently ticked her off.
  • Executive Meddling: Every time you hear a synonym for "penis" that isn't explicit or a word meaning "fuck" that isn't "fuck", you have witnessed the meddling hand of Universal Pictures.
    • Kevin Smith later thanked the Executives, because his original opening to the film was almost 20 minutes longer. They wisely noted that you can't have a movie called Mallrats and then take a half-hour to get to the mall.
    • That being said, he's still bitter that they wouldn't let him do a joke about a women getting semen in her hair.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Vindicated by Cable: More or less due to the terrible edit seen on FX and similar channels in the early 2000s (which originated for ABC when they aired the movie back in 1998).
  • What Could Have Been: one piece of Executive Meddling that Smith was able to defeat was the suits' insistence that he recast the role of Jay. Smith finally compromised by saying he'd hold a casting call for the part if Jay Mewes was allowed to read alongside the other actors. He did, and he kept the part. But if he hadn't? The front runners for the part were Breckin Meyer and Seth Green.

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