Trivia: Kingdom Hearts

Trivia tropes:

  • Dawson Casting: A rather extreme case: Kathryn Beaumont, who voiced Alice and Wendy in their respective films back in the 50s reprised both roles in this game despite being in her mid-sixties at the time it was made. Naturally, her voice and performance sounds very different and rather unconvincing in the role of a young girl.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Leon is voiced by Angel! And Yuffie is Kim Possible! And Hercules is Sam Gamgee!
  • No Export for You: Final Mix initially wasn't released outside Japan due to concerns that Americans don't like buying the same game with only a few extras added (which isn't entirely an unjustified concerned), particularly bad because it actually added some pretty vital plot information that set up the sequel. In 2013 it was released internationally as part of the first HD collection for PS3.
  • Talking to Himself: In the Japanese version, Donald Duck and Genie are both voiced by Koichi Yamadera.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There was planned to be one more Ansem!Riku battle at the End of the World. It was very nearly completed but Dummied Out in the final release.
    • The original scenario involved Sora saving the Princesses of Heart with the assistance of their respective princes.
    • Kairi's role in Hollow Bastion was going to be larger.
    • Bahamut was going to be featured as a summon.
    • The original concept for the game had Mickey as the main character, with Donald and Goofy helping out. The development team eventually became divided on whether he or Donald got to be the main character, and so they compromised by creating Sora.
    • Sora's original design was more lion-like and wielded a chainsaw sword. This was changed to a giant key to be less violent.
    • Many early screenshots for the game showed Donald and Goofy wearing their classic outfits from the original Disney shorts. This was changed to the current attire they wear in the game, presumably to give them more adventurous appearances, and they can only be seen wearing their classic attire in the game's epilogue.
    • Chernabog was going to be the final boss, as the embodiment of all darkness (being well, an ancient Slavic god who has power over death). This was changed for various reasons.
      • In addition to that, when Sora still had his lion appearance, concept art showed him fighting Chernabog at a castle. It is unknown if it was Hallow Bastion or the Disney Castle. Other concept art showed Sora wearing a loincloth in the Deep Jungle and a world icon for a Toy Story world.

Miscellaneous trivia:

  • "Destati" is apparently considered cursed by the production team due to odd incidents—the worst being the entire building losing power—occurring whenever the vocal track was inserted into a piece of background music.