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Trivia: Halo
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: There really is a "Master Chief" rank in the US military - Master Chief Petty Officer is a naval rank, and yes, the correct way to address one is "Master Chief". Quite understandably, when a suspect of such a rank once showed up on NCIS, surprise and confusion ensued for some.
  • Defictionalization: The Windows Phone digital assistant? Cortana. Jen Taylor still voices her. The avatar is a halo. And ask the right questions...
  • God Never Said That: Before Halo Wars, Halo fanon had claimed that the armor worn by Arbiters was the same exact suit that it had been through history, the successor receiving it after his predecessor had died (which is implied, but not said, in Halo 2, with the Prophets saying that the bodies were all in the mausoleum, and the armor's systems being outdated). However, the Arbiter of Halo Wars Ripa 'Moramee was killed and pushed down a chasm before his body was destroyed in a Earth-Shattering Kaboom. Henceforth, that meant the armor had been destroyed with it. Fans were annoyed, but it was later pointed out that since the Arbiter is intended to be sent on suicide missions, there would have been many cases where the armor was destroyed and/or impossible to recover. Such as falling to the core of a gas giant, like Thel 'Vadamee was about to.
  • Hire The Critic: Luke Smith of 1UP got hired to Bungie after he wrote the article "Broken Halo", where he criticized Halo 2's multiplayer for being highly unbalanced. Following that, he put some real work into designing the multiplayer for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Early-rising fans of classic rock in Chicago will recognize Master Chief's voice as that of Steve Downes, the 5AM-10AM DJ on 97.1FM. Bungie was based in Chicago before being bought by Microsoft.
  • Mid Development Genre Shift: The first game was originally conceived as a Real-Time Strategy game, but it made it to shelves as a First-Person Shooter, probably because its plot and factions coupled with its genre would have made it too similar to RTS heavyweight Starcraft. They eventually revisited the RTS idea, though.
  • The Wiki Rule: Two, Halopedia, an independent wiki and Halo Nation, which is hosted by Wikia. The two were previously one wiki, but split apart after a dispute about the new Oasis skin for all Wikia websites. The two share many of the same administrators but have a tense relationship otherwise. There was also a third, Halo, which focused primarily on multiplayer, but is since mostly defunct.

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