Trivia: Dance Moms

  • Colbert Bump: Maddie Ziegler's appearances in the music videos of Sia's "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart" dramatically increased both her and the show's popularity.
  • Deleted Scene: The show is notoriously full of scenes you don't get to see.
    • The dances shown in each episode are usually shortened versions, with complete versions sometimes posted on Lifetime's website.
  • Dye Hard: Jill's hair color interchanges during seasons. She was a brunette during season 1, became a blonde in season 2, somehow went back to a brunette during seasons 2 and 3, and as of season 4 is red-haired.
  • Executive Meddling: Apparently the show producers have tinkered with aspects of the show so as to create more drama; for example, according to Barbara Schrade, Kendall and Jill only abandoned the ALDC for the Candy Apples as a ploy by the producers.
  • Fan Nickname: Abby has called Cathy's team a variety of names including the "Rotten Apples" and the "Crab Apples".
  • No Export for You: Subverted; the show actually got a British counterpart called Dance Mums. It premiered in October 2014 and is based around a Liverpool-based dance studio. Abby actually starred in a special Cross Over episode of the show.
  • Twitter: All of the dancers, their moms, and Abby have Twitters.