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Awesome: Dance Moms
  • The girls having a clean sweep at the 2012 Nationals, placing at the top with every single dance.
  • The girls placing first with a part improv group dance. And it was dedicated to Broadway Baby, no less.
  • Maddie staying at the top of the pyramid for almost the entire first season.
  • Brooke and Mackenzie releasing albums.
  • In one scenario, Maddie is given the opportunity to re-perform her "In My Heart" solo after she forgot everything during the middle of the dance. While she's performing, the music begins skipping. What does she do? She keeps dancing and doesn't miss a beat. You could see how impressed the judges were.
    • The dance then got a standing ovation from the entire audience.
  • After Brooke temporarily leaves the ALDC team to pursue cheerleading, Payton takes her spot. In one scenario during the Pyramid, everyone has been called except for Payton, and the only spot left is the top. Abby then reveals that the person at the top of the Pyramid is Brooke, since she has rejoined the team.
  • A CMOA for Paige; when at-the-time Candy Apples choreographer Anthony Burrell mercilessly bashes her dancing technique, she calls him out on it.
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