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It's a reality show based around dance. There's bound to be some shining moments.

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Awesome Moments

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    Season 1 
  • When Abby's having a fight with Minister Dawn Check (that mom who appeared in the series premiere but then got booted before the episode ended), Dawn drops this bomb:
    (Abby has just announced that she is kicking Dawn and her daughter Regan off the team since Regan wasn't dressed appropriately for acro class, very much pissing off Dawn since she had paid for class)
    Abby: Every week, we put the trash out. Go!
    • Seeing Abby at her most ruthless at both Dawn and Regan was pretty damn awesome as well.
    Abby: She's not stupid, she just can't read! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
  • Hell, seeing Abby getting pissed off to the point where with one flick of her wrist she kicks a mom-daughter pair off the team is a CMOA in every right.
  • In the very first episode, Chloe's headpiece fell forward over her eyes during a trio, and the trio still won anyway.
  • Maddie staying at the top of the pyramid for almost the entire first season.

    Season 2 
  • After Brooke temporarily leaves the ALDC team to pursue cheerleading, Payton takes her spot. In one scenario during the Pyramid, everyone has been called except for Payton, and the only spot left is the top. Abby then reveals that the person at the top of the Pyramid is Brooke, since she has rejoined the team.
  • One time, Mackenzie did her routine so well Abby actually cried. (Doubles as a CMOH for obvious reasons.)
  • Despite Maddie's solo not placing and the group dance losing to the Candy Apples in "Abbygeddon", the one win that they took home was—who could've guessed it?—from Chloe's solo.
  • In one scenario, Maddie is given the opportunity to re-perform her "In My Heart" solo after she forgot everything during the middle of the dance. While she's performing, the music begins skipping. What does she do? She keeps dancing and doesn't miss a beat. You could see how impressed the judges were.
    • The dance then got a standing ovation from the entire audience.
  • Nia got a standing ovation for "Werqin' Girl", which is awesome in its own right.
  • The girls having a clean sweep at the 2012 Nationals, placing at the top with every single dance. Even better? Chloe's solo beat Maddie's for first place.
  • Vivi-Anne does a solo entitled "Honeybee" back in season one. It doesn't place (unsurprisingly). Mackenzie does the same dance (now called "Killer Bee") in season two, and it wins her the Petite Miss Energy 2012 National Title. While Cathy and Vivi-Anne were in the audience, no less.
  • When Abby threw a chair at Paige, Kelly came down and yelled "STOP EATING! THAT'S WHY YOU'RE FAT!" during a heated argument she had with Abby.
    • It has been said by Brooke that this was embarrassing for her, and could be considered Kelly's Never Live It Down moment.

    Season 3 
  • The girls placing first with a part improv group dance. And it was dedicated to Broadway Baby, no less.
  • A CMOA for Paige; when at-the-time Candy Apples choreographer Anthony Burrell mercilessly bashes her dancing technique, she calls him out on it.
  • When a drunken Christi and Leslie started randomly swinging at each other in the middle of a street in New Orleans, a guy quickly rushed in to intervene and withstand Leslie's blows. Gotta give the guy props for acting so quickly to neutralize the brawl.

    Season 4 
  • In the episode of the last replacement audition and of Paige and Brooke's last day on the team, one of the moms of a cut dancer insists that her daughter's a-la-secondes are ten times better than Paige's (causing Paige to start crying). What does Abby do? Call the girl back up and have her go against Paige. Paige wins, and the girl and mom are sent away in disgrace. Christi says that only Abby is allowed to say bad things about her dancers. Paige and Chloe also had a contemporary duet, and it was pretty awesome. Negated, of course, by the fact that this is the episode where Paige and Brooke are kicked off the team.
  • In "Big Trouble in the Big Apple", Kelly attacking Abby is considered by many to be her finally kicking the son of a bitch. (Well, technically pulling on the son of a bitch's hair.) Too bad it resulted in her and her kids getting expelled from the team.
    • It's a Dying Moment of Awesome, of sorts.
    • After Kelly attacks Abby, one of the moms' first instinct is to get the kids out of the room. And it was Holly, no less.
    • In the next episode, Abby recognizes Holly being an upstander and gives Nia a solo.
  • Later in that season, it seems like Nia is starting to take after her mom even more, by going calmly up against Abby instead of getting upset and crying like many of the other girls do/used to do when Abby starts yelling.
  • After three seasons, the show finally got a new intro. Is it better? Hell to the yeah.
  • When Kim bashes the moms, their kids, and the whole city of Pittsburgh, it feels good to see Abby shut her down.
  • It also feels pretty good to see Abby completely SNAP at Christy when she's trying to talk to her while she's busy on the phone.
    Abby: I'm busy, you're babbling. Shut up.
  • How about when Cathy decided to pull her group dance because she knew that it couldn't beat Abby's?
  • In one episode, the crowd's cheering so loudly before the girls' group dance that they miss their musical cue and as a result the dance starts on an incredibly rocky note. However, the girls continued with the dance without any errors, and they still won.
  • While Mrs. Miller's death was a big Tear Jerker, Abby did state that she "defied all medical textbooks", which is pretty cool in and of itself.
  • In the 2014 nationals episode, we see that the Candy Apples are planning to do a routine set to Sia's "Chandelier", pissing off the ALDC team since, y'know, Maddie danced in the song's music video. To twist the knife a bit more, one of the moms from the Apples showed up and decided to start playing "Chandelier" to piss everyone off more. What does Maddie do? She starts dancing to tell that mom that no one can do "Chandelier" like she did.
    • Maddie turning down a nationals solo.
  • Holly's appearance in the "Playing Favorites" special. Her argument against Abby could easily be an Establishing Character Moment; she shoots Abby down, but starts backing herself up with good reasoning instead of aiming for the jugular. All topped off by the audience applauding her at the end.
  • This troper finds Christi's remark to Abby to be a nice callback to another awesome moment in season 1.
    Christi: You don't know what goes in my house because you're not invited over, 'cause we don't let trash through the door.
  • Christi's parting words to Abby.
    Christi: Those five kids in there put your fat name on the map... You were no-one before these kids... You think putting a few kids on Broadway makes you someone? Guess who made you a household name? Them.

    Season 5 

    Season 6