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Tear Jerker: Dance Moms
  • The death of Broadway Baby was nothing but a tragedy to the entire studio, but no one was hurt as much as Abby. She was driven to tears every time she spoke about it, and seeing Baby post-taxidermy was also emotionally tolling.
  • Maddie's "Disappear" solo, once you realize what's going on. Maddie is playing an abused little girl who ultimately drowns and kills herself.
  • In season four, the rivalry between Kelly and Abby rises to a peak that culminates with Brooke and Paige leaving the team permanently. Kelly has also sued ALDC for $5 million, and Abby has filed a restraining order. Damn.
    • Also a fridge tearjerker considering Chloe and Paige were the best of friends and even had plans of doing a double wedding together...
  • Abby's mom's death during season four was a pretty big turning point. Made even worse since it was inevitable that with her declining health she was going to die soon.
    • This clip lampshades this in a pretty heartbreaking way. A majority of people in the room were crying.
      • According to Abby, the people at the hospital knew that they couldn't really save her, so their main priority was to make her comfortable as she approached death.
      • It was pretty hard not to shed a tear when Maddie (and eventually Chloe afterward) ran into Abby's arms (both of them were in tears).
      • "There's some place better."
      • Melissa's eulogy about Mrs. Miller was just the icing on a very emotional cake.
    • "I'm not in the right frame of mind. My mother just died."
    • Abby's subsequent discussion with the girls and moms about losing someone to cancer is pretty tragic to listen to.
      • "How many people here know somebody that has died from cancer? Everybody raised their hand.
  • A lot of the girls say in interviews that they're so busy dancing and going to competitions and practice that they can't be normal, like hanging out with their friends or going to birthday parties.
  • One of the definitive tearjerkers on the show was Maddie forgetting her In My Heart solo in "Abbygeddon". Seeing the brokenness in her face as she breaks down offstage is absolutely heart-wrenching.
    • "Abbygeddon" as a whole was a pretty bad episode for the ALDC. Aside Maddie forgetting her solo and the group dance places tenth (losing to the Candy Apples, who placed ninth).
  • A really heartrending Diabolus ex Machina appears in "Two Girls, One Solo", where Chloe and Maddie have competing solos that are identical to one another. At the award ceremony, Chloe wins, but it turns out that Maddie won instead due to a scoring error. In Chloe's subsequent Confession Cam, she congratulates Maddie but you can hear her voice cracking on the verge of tears. Poor thing...
  • In "You've Been Unfriended", Christi and Chloe have come off their suspension and Abby finds it to be the perfect time to go all out on Chloe. Abby ends up crossing something of a Moral Event Horizon by belittling Chloe to the point where she just calls her names like "girl in the front" and "blondie". Her excuse? For her to remember Chloe's name, Chloe has to make her remember her name. Really?
  • After Kelly's infamous scuffle with Abby, you can see the look of shock and brokenness on Christi's face. Mind you, Christi and Kelly are pretty good friends.
  • This video, where Kelly and Abby have a heart-to-heart conversation about Paige's issues (like how she is having panic attacks because she is so scared of Abby) and Kelly ends up breaking down in tears. It's very easy to see why Kelly, as a mother, would get so emotional over all of this.
    Kelly: And you're allowing this, with the relationship that you had with my kids and me!note ...And it just breaks my heart! It is horrible! [...] And it's not me! I would never allow this to happen! It's not me! (fully breaks down crying)
  • Taylor twisting/breaking her ankle in the middle of a group dance. Yeah, she is a part of Cathy's team, but seeing her in a hysterical wreck afterwards is pretty hard to watch.
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