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Tear Jerker: Dance Moms
  • The girls cry very frequently, usually in the midst of arguments, forgetting their dances, or other reasons.
  • The death of Broadway Baby was nothing but a tragedy to the entire studio, but no one was hurt as much as Abby. She was driven to tears every time she spoke about it, and seeing Baby post-taxidermy was also emotionally tolling.
  • Maddie's "Disappear" solo, once you realize what's going on. Maddie is playing an abused little girl who ultimately drowns and kills herself.
  • In season four, the rivalry between Kelly and Abby rises to a peak that culminates with Brooke and Paige leaving the team permanently. Kelly has also sued ALDC for $5 million, and Abby has filed a restraining order. Damn.
    • Also a fridge tearjerker considering Chloe and Paige had plans of doing a double wedding together...
  • Both of Abby's parents have died from different forms of cancer.
  • A lot of the girls say in interviews that they're so busy dancing and going to competitions and practice that they can't be normal, like hanging out with their friends or going to birthday parties.

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