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Nightmare Fuel: Dance Moms
  • "The Last Text". It depicts the girls "texting and driving", and the "car" that they're in crashes. The girls then die off one by one except for Paige (the driver), who is completely immobile for most of the dance, and Maddie, who is showing subtle hints of going crazy. Then at the end, when everyone save Maddie and Paige are dead, Maddie goes to touch Paige and she slumps over, revealing that she was dead all along. As Maddie tries to revive her, we hear police sirens wailing in the background, and Maddie runs offstage.
    • The musical accompaniment, "Describing the Car Crash", is Nightmare Fuel all on its own. The eerie and ominous sound, the loud bang that sounds every few seconds, and the fact that it repeats over and over for the two most frightening minutes of your life.
    • You could see a look of near-horror on Abby's face watching the dance. If Abby's scared by one of her own dances, you know it's scary.
  • Also, "Where Have All the Children Gone?". The accompaniment isn't music, it's actually a spoken-word routine, which makes it all the creepier. All the girls are wearing the exact same dress, Vivi-Anne pushes Mackenzie on a creepy swing, and if it wasn't scary enough, the girls start disappearing one by one with subtle hints as to what happened to them. For example, Nia clutches her throat as if being suffocated, Paige jumps off the stage, Chloe clutches her chest as if she was stabbed, and so on.
    • The "sequel" to this routine is "I See the Kite Flying". In this one, each girl is a mental patient, rocking back and forth or hitting themselves in the head. The same monotone returns for this one, making it just as eerie.
  • Maddie's "Disappear" solo combines this with Tear Jerker. The music is excellently creepy, and Maddie does such a powerful job of conveying her character—an abused girl who kills herself via drowning—that it seems scarily real.
  • Abby can sometimes be genuinely terrifying, and it doesn't help with how hammy she can get. Case in point, the violent scuffle between her and Kelly.
    • Right before Kelly attacks her, you can see her gnashing her teeth and apparently trying to bite her.
  • This image of Mackenzie laying "dead" on the ground with blood all over her hand.
  • The "Amber Alert" routine, especially since it deals with, y'know, child abduction. But if that wasn't enough of a tearjerker, the actual dance itself will send chills down your spine, with special note going to the ending. Mackenzie has been killed by her "abductors", and Maddie approaches her. She is smiling, expecting her sister to be alive. She lifts up Mackenzie's head (which had been hanging downwards), and jumps back in horror when she realizes that her sister is dead. She reaches out to the audience...and then turns and runs away.
    • Imagine your own sister reacting to your death.
    • The song that accompanies it ("Touch" by Lights Fade Low), just adds to the eerie atmosphere.
    No one will take you
    No one will break you
    I'll keep you whole until I die

    I can feel you inside / underneath my skin
    Feel you take me from within
    And so I surrender
    Bound to you in sin
    Feel my outsides turning in

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