Nightmare Fuel / Dance Moms
Yes, that is an 11-year-old doing a Carrie-inspired routine.

Abby described herself in her Facebook bio as "your worst nightmare". Apparently, she wasn't kidding, and this applies to both her and the show.
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    Season 1 
  • Maddie's "Disappear" solo combines this with Tear Jerker. The music is excellently creepy, and Maddie does such a powerful job of conveying her character—an abused girl who kills herself via drowning—that it seems scarily real.
  • "Where Have All the Children Gone?" is easily one of the scariest dances to date, if not the scariest. The accompaniment isn't music, it's actually spoken-word, which makes it all the creepier. All the girls are wearing the exact same white dress, Vivi-Anne pushes Mackenzie on a creepy swing, and if it wasn't scary enough, the girls start disappearing one by one after some act of suicide with subtle hints as to how they killed themselves. Nia clutches her throat, Chloe clutches her stomach, Maddie slits her wrist, Paige jumps offstage, and so on.
    • Probably the creepiest part is the very end, where all of the girls have disappeared, but the previously used swing is still swinging by itself...
    • The lyrics of the "song" used classify as Nightmare Fuel all on their own.

    Season 2 

    Season 4 

    Season 5 

    Season 6 
  • Maddie's Lizzie Borden solo. Everything about it is creepy, with her disturbing ghostly facial makeup, blood-stained white dress, and the fact that she's holding a bloody ax throughout the dance.
    • Special mention to the music, which is already scary to listen to; it's a mixture between an Ominous Music Box Tune and brooding, roaring synths that sound a few pegs softer than something off a Nine Inch Nails bootleg. It's even creepier once you start to hear the words. Note that these are said by a child in the song.
    He's behind you
    He's watching you
    He's coming
  • Suicide Hotline, a dance that's equal parts grim and sad considering its subject matter. It has Kalani in a white dress dancing alongside Brynn, Kendall, and Nia in black dresses and ends with Kalani running away as her friends try to stop her. The phone then rings, and as Kendall picks it up we only hear a dead tone...

    Season 7