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Trivia: Cow and Chicken
  • Banned Episode: The What a Cartoon! Show pilot episode, "No Smoking" (due to claims of the short glamorizing tobacco use, even though "No Smoking" isn't considered an actual Cow and Chicken episode, as it aired on The What a Cartoon! Show) and the series episode "Buffalo Gals" (due to one letter complaining about the lesbian innuendo) have only aired once. Both episodes aren't even on the Netflix streaming version, but can be found on most video sites, like Veoh and YouTube.
  • Bowdlerization: The episode "Comet" was edited in reruns to change Dad's line from, "Oh, divot!" (sounding almost like "Damn it!") after hitting his golf ball and sending it flying to "Oh...two!" Since it started airing on Boomerang in America, the original line has been reinstated. The line is also uncut on the Netflix streaming version.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Charlie Adler as Cow. Most foreign dubs also casts her with male voice actors, barring the Japanese dub.
    • The episode "Cow's Toys" has Tom Kenny voice an unnamed little girl (you know it's him because "she" sounds like Heffer Wolfe from Rockos Modern Life when "she" yells, "Mommy! That stinky bear doll hurt my feelings!").
  • Edited for Syndication: In the summer of 1999, Cartoon Network split Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel into separate shows, and thereafter, reruns of both shows were essentially a shuffle of three random segments in a half-hour, with "Buffalo Gals" replaced with "Orthodontic Police" and "Comet!" edited to redub "Oh, divot!" to "Oh...two!" Other episodes, like "Grizzly Beaver Safari" and "Chicken in the Bathroom" were pulled for reasons unknown (some say content; others say the episodes weren't good enough for the syndication package).
  • Executive Meddling: After the first season was completed, David Feiss wanted to drop the I Am Weasel segments from the show altogether, but Cartoon Network demanded that he keep it in; eventually, a compromise was reached, that would allow Feiss to have Red Guy cross over into the Weasel segments, as to hold his interest in continuing the segment (and eventually, more characters, including Cow and Chicken themselves, were allowed to cross over into the Weasel segments).
  • Hey, It's That Voice! - Besides Charlie Adler as Cow, Chicken, and The Red Guy, Candi Milo as Mom and the Teacher, and Dee Bradley Baker as the dad, there's also some other familiar voices:
    • Flem is voiced by Howard Morris (Wade the Duck on the "U.S. Acres" [or "Orson's Farm," if you're watching an overseas cut of the show] segment of Garfield and Friends). Sadly, this was one of Morris' last roles before he died.
    • Earl is voiced by Dan Castellaneta (using the same drunken voice he uses for Barney Gumble, only pitched up a bit and not punctuated with belching. It's similar to how Barney Gumble sounded on the Simpsons episode "Days of Wine and D'oh'sesnote ").
    • On the episode where Cow babysits Chicken while Mom and Dad go to a comedy club, the crying comedian is voiced by real-life comedian and kids' cartoon writer Steve Marmel (who also wrote and co-wrote episodes for this show, like "Dirty Laundry," "Child Star," and "Perpetual Energy").
    • Red's mom was voiced by Phyllis Diller.
    • The farmer at the beginning of "Space Cow" is voiced by Will Ferrell.
    • On "The Great Pantzini," the clown who told The Great Pantzini (The Red Guy) that he and his wife quit is Bobcat Goldthwait.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The first two seasons of the show are available on DVD, but only if you live in Australia (and they're region-locked, so they can't play on just any DVD player). Only "The Cow With Four Eyes" and "Me an' My Dog" were ever released on DVD in the United States as part of special holiday DVD sets.
    • Netflix does have the show on streaming, but...the way it's set up is weird and inconvenient. Rather than add new episodes to its stream, the season one episodes were soon replaced with season two episodes. And, before you ask, no, the Banned Episode "Buffalo Gals" was not included in the season two collection (though "Buffalo Gals" is available on online video and torrent sites, so it's not like it's gone forever, but it is a screw to the fans that not all of the episodes are included). On the plus side, the episode "Comet!" has Dad's original line as "Oh, divot!" instead of redubbing it as "Oh...two!"
  • Screwed by the Network: Somewhat. Before the final season had finished its initial run, Cartoon Network jumped the gun at splitting I Am Weasel into its own "spinoff". Because of this, the remaining "new episodes" of the series were essentially unaired "Cow and Chicken" segments cobbled together into half hour episodes.
  • Talking to Himself - Much like Billy West, Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille, Seth Mac Farlane, Cree Summer, and Kath Soucie, Charlie Adler voices a large amount of characters (Cow, Chicken, The Red Guy, I.R. Baboon, and some one-shot characters) who all interact with each other in any given episode.
  • What Could Have Been: "Buffalo Gals" originally had a scene in which Mom assured Dad that Cow should go with the Buffalo Gals because "...I rode with the Buffalo Gals when I was in college." The censors had the scene cut, though, in the end, that decision was a fool's errand as the entire episode ended up being banned.
  • Working Title: "Comet!" was originally called "Dad's Ball" (and was most likely changed because of the censors).

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