Headscratchers: Cow and Chicken

  • This has never been touched upon but no matter how many times the Red Guy antagonizes Cow, Chicken, Weasel, and Baboon, how come no one can see though his paper thin disguises nor remember him from the last time they meet? Unless the Red Guy has a power that allows him to not get recognized somehow. Weasel did recognize him once as a Lawyer and a Warden in the same episode.
    • He's the Devil; he has Satantic powers that help him with disguises. Or something.

  • What is up with the weenie references in almost every episode? One example is the action figure "Sgt. Weenie Arms" another example is Cow's play "The Ugliest Weenie", and in the credit card episode the first thing Chicken buys with his credit card is weenies. What's up with that?
    • Those references are probably meant to be phallic symbolism, if the sense of humor the series exhibits is indicative of anything.
      • This better not imply that David Feiss is gay! I already know he did a episode that obviously made fun of lesbians.
      • Considering Feiss is married and has two kids (one of whom came up with the idea for the episode "Black Sheep of the Family"), I don't think you have to worry about that, chief.
    • The answer is simple. "Weenie" is a funny word. Weenies are funny things. Do I have to go on?
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