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YMMV: Cow and Chicken
  • Awesome Music: The "Ugliest Weenie" song.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: This show had a number of them... hell, this series had entire episodes that fit into this category, such as:
    • "Journey to the Center of Cow": Cow accidentally swallows Chicken, who spends much of the episode paddling a river of acid inside Cow's four labyrinthian stomaches, encounter different enzymes of different intents, and in the end, not only does Red Guy (as a doctor) sacrifice his own life to save Chicken, he attends a disco rave with the enzymes. Wut?
    • "Intelligent Life?": Cow somehow builds a milk-powered rocketship out of cardboard boxes and metal trashcans, lands on a planet composed entirely of mud, meets Red Guy who claims to be an alien, brings him home where he's treated like a god, then later becomes a jean model (oh, and he models jeans to the same disco music from the above-mentioned rave)... then Chicken turns off the TV and comments how stupid that show was.
    • Some of Flem and Earl's fake flashbacks and Imagine Spots from "Lost at Sea" are pretty... odd...
    • "Monster in the Closet": Cow befriends a monster hiding in her closet, who's invisible to everybody except her, though he's obviously not imaginary, because Mom and Dad eventually see him, and order Cow to banish him to the closet out of fear of him; in the end, Chicken finds him in another closet (even though he was invisible to Chicken as well) and they become pals after Cow finally dismisses him as a figment of her imagination.
  • Ear Worm: Momma had a chicken! Momma had a cow! Dad was proud! He didn't care how!
    • The short piece of music that plays at an episode's Title Card.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Red Guy. He even made it onto I Am Weasel because of his popularity.
    • "It says 'Eye Screem' on my truck, not 'Ice Cream'! Get it?"
    • "Dear Diary, you ain't never gonna believe what I am about to write down in yous."
  • Love It or Hate It: Pretty much its status on the Internet. Either it's an "udderly" humorless Ren and Stimpy ripoff that's only liked because of the Nostalgia Filter (and The Red Guy being voiced by the hilariously hammy Charlie Adler) or it's a treasured memory of when Cartoon Network aired the kind of cartoons that made those on Nickelodeon and network TV look lame.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Red Guy crosses this in the episode Part-Time Job when he tried to cook Chicken alive for his chicken-on-a stick restaurant.
  • They Copied It, Now It Sucks: Was accused of doing this to Ren and Stimpy. Justified in that the show did hire some of Ren and Stimpy's writers and animators and John Kricfalusi himself is said to be a fan of the show.
  • This Is Your Premise on Drugs: Inverted. This show could be seen as The Ren & Stimpy Show if it went to rehab and is in the process of recovering, but still has a long way to go before it can fully be clean (and traded its addiction to gross-out jokes for gender-bending jokes and sexual innuendo, similar to how most drug addicts turn to other addictions while trying to recover).
  • Villain Decay: When the Red guy took chicken to hell in "No Smoking", he truly tortured the poor fowl & really showed how much of a jerk he can be(in that episode, he was portrayed as Satan). In the actual series, he was just a Troll who goes by butt-related pun names and isn't that much of a menace. Plus, he has a mother who feeds him gruel and constantly challenges him to fight her like a man.

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