Heartwarming / Cow and Chicken

Yes, this show had quite a few of these.
  • From the theme song: "Mama had a chicken / Mama had a cow / Dad was proud / He didn't care how". As weird as the circumstances are, the fact that their father was willing to accept them as his children without a problem is pretty sweet.
  • Just about every time that Cow rescues Chicken or whenever Chicken helps Cow. As much as they clash, the two of them have a very strong bond.
  • "The Day I Was Born" has Cow asking her parents, her teacher, and the guy who delivered her (The Red Guy, of course) about the titular day. The Red Guy's story is what truly makes it heartwarming where baby Cow calls out for her big brother and baby Chicken asks to hold her. It's very adorable, especially with how Chicken is normally reluctant to show affection toward his sister.
  • The end of "A Couple of Skating Fools." After Cow steps in to help Chicken win when Earl breaks his knee, Chicken gives Earl the flowers and they all have a group hug. They even include Flem and Hiney (The Red Guy's female disguise) in the group hug despite the latter causing Earl's injury.
  • "Cow's A Beauty" has the bovine herself attend a beauty contest where she seems outclassed but not only are the contestants civil, two of them even kiss Cow on the cheek when she wins because of her overwhelming charm and inner beauty. And then she shares her flowers with The Red Guy to add more fuel to the heartwarming fire.