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  • [adult swim] to Toonami's "Midnight Run" block. Several anime series that aired on "Toonami" (originally a mainstream, family friendlynote  non-safe harbor block) ended up airing on Adult Swim during its first year. The fact that it is run by the same studio that ran Toonami, Williams Street, was a plus. These comparisons stopped, however, when [adult swim] (and Cartoon Network in general) underwent significant Network Decay.
  • Free/Open Source Software is often forked. This occurs when the mainline development slows down or some developers wish to try a different direction. In many cases this results in the original software project withering (if it wasn't already stagnating) as developers and users are attracted to the new project. There are such things as "friendly" and "hostile" forks.
    • LibreOffice to First Sun Microsystems bought StarOffice office suitenote , and released its free/open source variant as to attract independent developers. The license allowed to distribute modified versions of OOo without Sun approval, but including changes in the mainline required (non-exclusive) transfer of copyright. A number of companies maintained a parallel project ooo-build later renamed to Go-oo, that took each new version of OOo and added their features. After Oracle bought Sun, the development of OOo effectively stopped. Much of the team left and together with Go-oo formed The Document Foundation. They tried asking Oracle for the trademark, since they wanted to be a regular successor, but ended up having to invent another name — LibreOffice — and going completely independent. The majority of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, eventually replaced with LibreOffice. This didn't change much, since they were using Go-oo anyway.
    • A year and a half later Oracle fired the rest of StarOffice department (those who haven't quit yet) and threw the code and trademarks at Apache OpenOffice at IBM's behest. AOO also claims to be the legitimate successor. LO has more development, AOO has more downloads. With licensing changes AOO isn't allowed to use LO code, and LO can, but won't use AOO code, as it fell far behind. Some forks are more bitter than others.
    • Similarly, the Mozilla Suite, which was eventually split into the Mozilla Firefox Web browser and the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, are essentially spiritual successors to Netscape; originally Mozilla was intended to be a codebase for the proprietary Netscape suite, but Netscape was discontinued and Mozilla's projects continued development, with Firefox and Thunderbird being maintained by Mozilla subsidiaries and the Mozilla Suite was rebranded and continued as the community-maintained SeaMonkey suite, which in turn succeeded the entire Mozilla Suite rather than parts of it.
  • The Raspberry Pi computer, a $35 single-board Linux machine the size of a credit card, is meant as a successor to the BBC Micro, with its low cost and heavy emphasis on computer science education for children. The Raspberry Pi Foundation laments the change in emphasis from open computer platforms that encouraged experimentation and programming at an early age in the 80s, to using office software and depending on closed-source programs just to get basic computing done of the present day, and they hope the success of their product (which crashed the two stores that sold it on launch day and at one point was said to have received 700 orders per second) will bring about a renaissance of children tinkering with their computers' internals just like the heyday of the 8-bit computers. It goes so far as to have two models, a basic Model A and an enhanced Model B (now on sale, unlike the A), just like the BBC Micro did, and even sweetens the deal by having 1080p h.264 playback capability at 30 fps.
  • The Musketeer pretty much became the Spiritual Successor to the Knight in Shining Armor. Several factors include Adam Smith Hates Your Guts where to be a Knight you needed to be wealthy to afford and maintain your very expensive and heavy suit of armor and your warhorses whenever you go into battle. Knight charges were also easily countered newer military tactics like Pike and Shot or Hit-and-Run Tactics. And last but not least, as time went on firearms became more accurate with greater muzzle velocity making armor useless.
    • France's Musketeers of the Guard where not all that different from their Knight counterpart. Like Knights, the Musketeers where also from the nobility and were the Special Forces during their time.
  • Oreo cookies are the spiritual successor of Hydrox cookies.
  • After the demise of the Amiga, a number of users migrated to Linux. More so, the open source movement on the Amiga was quite strong before Linux appeared and some important Linux programs, like the VIM editor, started life on Amiga. The Apple Macintosh occupies the same niche for graphics, video and audio work that the Amiga did in the late '80s and early '90s.
    • The Amiga itself was the spiritual successor to the Atari 8-bit line, as it was developed by many of the same people with the same design philosophy. In a better world, it would have been made at Atari. Conversely, the Atari ST is the spiritual successor to the Commodore 64, as it came out after Jack Tramiel took over the company and was aggressively priced the way the C64 was.
  • Nintendo Power supposedly got one after its demise in the form of Nintendo Force. However, this is a subversion since the latter magazine is not officially licensed, authorized, sanctioned by, or otherwise affiliated with Nintendo themselves.
  • This is starting to crop up in vehicle manufacturing.
    • Toyota created the Toyota 86 specifically as a spiritual successor to the AE86 Corolla GT. This is probably due to the AE86's popularity among car enthusiasts, notably drifters.
    • Honda has produced the CR-Z, a spiritual successor of sorts to the CR-x.
    • Nissan has a concept car to be a successor to the once popular Datsun 510.
  • In a way Saban Brands is this to the old Saban Entertainment. A bit of a subversion though since Haim Saban himself is not involved with the company directly.
  • Fears about terrorism could be a modern version of the Red Scare.
  • Both Linux and the BSDs are spiritual successors to UNIX.
  • Vortexx, a Saturday Morning Cartoon block on The CW, can be seen as one for both Fox Kids and Kids' WB!.
  • The IBM Personal Computer and later PCs are the spiritual successor to the S-100 bus computers.
  • Members of the Tea Party movement consider themselves the spiritual successors to the Founding Fathers and their movement a spiritual successor to The American Revolution.
  • Sentai Filmworks is the spiritual successor to ADV Films.
  • In The Beautiful Game, AFC Wimbledon to Wimbledon F.C.
  • Walt Disney Records' "Songs and Story" series of CD's is essentially this to the "Storyteller"note  series of LP's released by their predecessor Disneyland Records.
  • When one thinks about it, dollar stores are this to the old "five and dime" stores.
  • The "8 Minute New Core Series" of exercise videos was created by the same people who created the previous "8 Minute__"note  series of exercise videos.
  • Nationwide Insurance has a series of live action commercials featuring actress Jana Kramer in a Spy Catsuit, replacing damaged and stolen items. The commercials seem to be a successor to Esurance's long-gone "Erin Esurance" commercials, which featured an animated character doing similar things.
  • MotoIQ, a website dedicated to modified/modifying sports cars, is this to Sport Compact Car, known for being the only import-focused magazine to truly go in-depth into the various details involved in properly modifying cars for performance, rather than focusing on over-the-top show cars (At least, before it died; see Magazine Decay for details.) A few key SCC writers also contribute to the site.
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