Shout Out / Black Dynamite

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    The Film 
  • Black Dynamite's "OOOH-EEEE!" kiais are based on Jim Kelly's from Black Belt Jones.

    season 1 
Trouble on Puppet Street
  • The antagonists are pastiches of The Muppets, being led by a literally pimped-out Kermit the Frog. He rides around on a Big Bird, and an Oscar the Grouch parody starts fighting with Black Dynamite and crew the second he sees them. Makes sense they'd live on Puppet Street.

Jackson Five Across Yo' Eyes
  • The sheer number of Michael Jackson shoutouts should be obvious.
  • The leader of the Ninjas has the letters "HNIC" on his forehead. For: "Head Ninja In Charge"
  • BD's nightmare has Michael Jackson dressed up as Peter Pan and he ends up taking Cream Corn and the occupants of the Whorephanage with him to Neverland.
  • The alien spaceship chimes a familiar tune as if Michael Jackson was Hee-Heeing it.
  • The aliens are dressed as Captain Eo and shoot plenty of lasers from their hands.

Bullhorn Nights

Taxes and Death

A Crisis For Christmas

Panic on the Player's Ball Express
  • Captain Kangaroo was one of the pimps.
  • When Leroy Van Nuys is first seen, his face is turned away from view and he is wearing nothing on his head. Then mechanical arms put on his mask, pimp hat and pimp feather just like he was Darth Vader.
  • Two cops at the police station are too busy playing Pong to worry about the hijacking. And when one of the cops scores...

The Shit that Killed the King

Honky Kong
  • First off, the name should be obvious.
  • It might be a coincidence, but Honkey Kong is also the name of an album from the rapper Apathy, which has a giant albino ape on the cover.
  • A few musical cues from Indiana Jones happens, like when BD is swinging through the jungle.
  • Yakub is a reference to a character from Nation of Islam mythology, a black scientist who supposedly created the White Man and ruled despotically over the island of Patmos.

The Race War
  • Wacky Races and The Cannonball Run, naturally.
  • Fiendish Dr. Wu's team is called Wu's Tang Clan.
    • Who, according to Howard Cossell, "ain't nothing to fuck with."
    • At one point, Black Dynamite tells K.I.T.T. to give him some information on Wu's Tang Clan, which he refers to as "old, dirty bastards."
  • The racer representing white people is called Racer Rex.
  • Eartha K.I.T.T. is a combination of Eartha Kitt and KITT from Knight Rider, before turning into Christine, who is a friend of hers.
    • Her arsenal (machine guns, surface-to-air missiles, oil slick) is straight out of Spy Hunter. One of the contestants they eliminate in Race War is an armored semi-truck much like the Road Lord from the remake.
  • The tobacco company sponsoring Race War is The Notorious B.I.G. Tobacco.

That Seed of Kurtis
  • That Bastard Kurtis and the Frogs of Islam are an obvious reference to Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam.

    season 2 
Roots, the White Album
  • The episode starts with the black community watching Roots for the first time and finding out black people used to be enslaved.

Black Jaws
  • Amidst the obligatory Jaws references, one in particular references the film's iconic poster during Nixon's newest plan to destroy the black community.
  • Fans of Chappelle's Show might find Thick James' mannerisms a bit familiar.
  • The shark is the reason there's no Water in Earth, Wind & Fire.

Warriors Come Out

How Honeybee Got Her Groove Back

Sweet Bill's Badass Singalong Song
  • Once again, the episode's title.
  • At the end, Black Dynamite comments that the black community needs all the heroes it can get, then comments how the only real black hero in comic books later on would be some kind of a hell-Spawn.

Mister Rogers' Revenge
  • Mr. McFeely's flashback about fighting alongside Mr. Rogers across various conflicts is a quick nod to the rumor that Rogers was a Vietnam veteran, Navy SEAL, or otherwise had some military experience.
  • Mr. Rogers' headband and army clothing is similar to Rambo

American Band Standoff

Diff'rent Folks, Same Strokes
  • The episode's alternate title is "The Hunger Pain Games"; thus, a double whammy of references.
    • The logo for the Hunger Pain Games is similar to the insignia of the Hunger Games, a bird and a long pointy object in a circle, only this bird is a cooked chicken and the object is a cooking fork.
  • After Mister Drummond explains to the orphans the rules of the Hunger Pain Games, he comments that when it comes to victors, There Can Be Only One. One of the orphans then states that that was a shitty movie.
  • Another Drummond-centric reference pops up after he promises to take the orphans away to live better lives; Black Dynamite calls him out on these claims, referring to him as Father Flanagan.
  • A whore in the whorephanage seems to be a big fan of superheroes; she references Superman's slogan, comments she has a client tied up with spider webs, and crashes into the orphans' bedroom dressed up as Wonder Woman.

The Wizard of Watts or Oz Ainít Got S&@; on the Wiz