Awesome / Black Dynamite

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     The Film 
  • In the climactic final battle, Black Dynamite faces a nunchuck-wielding, kung-fu master Richard Nixon.
  • It is also implied afterwards that he will score with Nixon's wife.
  • Any fight scene involving Black Dynamite. Special mention goes to Fiendish Doctor Wu.

     The Animated Series 
  • Black Dynamite and Co taking down The Ku Klux Klan and The Black Pumas in Episode 2
  • Soviet Russian Monkey Friend defeating the Moon Bitches.
  • "Ha-ha I threw that rock before I left the moon!"
  • Black Dynamite saving the players aboard the Players Ball Express by fueling the train enough with diamonds that it jumps over a canyon.
  • When he gets swallowed alive by a giant snake, BD proceeds to escape by setting off a grenade, and emerging from what's left of the snake totally fine.
    • Cream Corn gets a CMOA in the same episode by taking out a few soldiers himself.
  • In "Honky Kong", Black Dynamite jumps off an airplane onto the eponymous giant albino gorilla to punch it in the face... twice.
    • Later, Black Dynamite's guide through the jungle is suddenly eaten by a giant white wolf, which is then eaten by an even more gigantic white velociraptor, which it itself eaten by an even more gigantic spider. When the gargantuan white spider is coming after Black Dynamite, he then kills it with one shot.
    BD: That is how you conserve ammo!
  • Muhammad Ali punching Howard Cosell in the face.
  • The second season intro, where BD jumps on the roof of his moving car and fights an army of ninjas with lit-dynamite-nunchaku.
  • Honeybee taking out the three assassins coming after Bob Marley nearly singlehandedly, complete with a machete hidden in her afro used to cut off a hand of the CIA agent while it was firing a machine gun in "How Honeybee Got Her Groove Back".
  • The whorephanage kids beating the ever-loving hell out of Pogo the Clown, AKA John Wayne Gacy. Little Orphan Penny deserves special mention for dealing the last blow with a flying bo staff attack while dressed as Princess Leia.
  • Speaking of Little Orphan Penny, she actually taught her own damn self how to surf in the prior episode "Black Jaws". note  Granted, it is a minor moment but a moment nonetheless.
  • Mr Rogers is one of the few people who can keep up with Black Dynamite in hand to hand, after slaughtering entire armies of SWAT and ATF agents.
  • The orphans B.D. watches out for (awesome in and of itself) want a moon rock as a collective birthday present. He manages to get it.