Series / Lamb Chop's Play-Along
Shari Lewis: If you're into fun, and you love to play...
Lamb Chop: If you like funny jokes that put you away...
Hush Puppy: If you like to dance to a slammin' sound, and you like havin' lots of friends around...
Lamb Chop: And if you're one of those kids who lives by the rule that sad is bad and happy is cool...
Shari: Ooh, little buddy, you're about to see you're in the very best place that you could be!
The dialogue before the theme song begins.

Lamb Chop's Play-Along is a children's television series that was shown on PBS in the United States from January 13, 1992 until September 22, 1995 (with reruns airing until August 29, 1997), as well as on YTV in Canada. It was created and hosted by puppeteer Shari Lewis, and featured her puppet character Lamb Chop. Appropriately, Lamb Chop was a sheep; other characters were puppets of other farm animals, including Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy. The series was followed by a short-lived spinoff, The Charlie Horse Music Pizza.

This series provides examples of:

  • Ambiguously Jewish: Lamb Chop has a distinct "Fanny Brice" quality to her voice. (Might be Fridge Brilliance, since lamb is perfectly kosher, and the meat eaten for the Passover seder, or meal.)
    • There was a Hanukkah special on video that confirms that Shari (who was Jewish in real life) and the puppets all celebrate the holiday.
  • Comically Small Demand: One episode had Lambchop go on strike due to her miniscule salary: one cent a month ("If I save up for twelve months I can buy a pack of gum!"). She starts out demanding a fortune, but is overjoyed when Shari offers her twelve cents a month.
  • Continuity Nod: In the episode in which Lamb Chop wants to become a ballerina, Shari points out that every time Lamb has taken up a hobby in past episodes, she's quickly given it up. (For a change, Lamb Chop sticks with ballet.)
  • Edutainment Show
  • Every Episode Ending: "This is the song that doesn't end...yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just because" (repeat!)
  • Friendly Tickle Torture: One song is about how, while you can't tickle yourself (which is true), it is very possible for others to tickle you, as is demonstrated.
  • "Knock Knock" Joke: Regularly featured as a segment, and honored with a song to boot.
    Give me a Knock Knock Joke
    Don't knock a Knock Knock Joke
    They're always dumb
    So tell me how come
    After one I laugh and bubble up
    After four I always double up?
    Don't be an old slowpoke
    Give me a Knock Knock Joke
    *knock knock jokes ensue*
    That was a Knock Knock Joke
    I love a Knock Knock Joke!
    They can be awful, it's true
    Still I'm telling you
    I love a Knock Knock Joke
  • Looped Lyrics:
    This is the song that doesn't end,
    yes it goes on and on, my friend.
    Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
    and they'll continue singing it forever just because...
    This is the song that doesn't end,
    yes it goes on and on, my friend.
    Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
    and they'll continue singing it forever just because...
    This is the song that doesn't end,
    yes it goes on and on, my friend.
    Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
  • Made Myself Sad: One vignette has Hush Puppy opening a door in a prop wall in an obvious Shout-Out to Laugh In and reciting a limerick about a lady who was so skinny "that when she essayed, to drink lemonade, she slipped through the straw and fell in." He then laughs his head off at the poem....until he realizes that the character probably drowned, and he reflects: "Hey, that's not funny; that's tragic!"
  • Middle Child Syndrome: Hush Puppy bemoaned being a middle child in one segment. of course this requires wrapping your head around the fact that Hush Puppy, Lamb Chop, and Charlie Horse are siblings.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Zarc announces he'll be staying with the puppets for some time, he's asked how long a Yzarckian's life span is. They're obviously distressed when Zarc tells them: "We don't know. Nobody's died yet."
    Charley Horse: He might be staying here forever!
    Hush Puppy: Yeah...or even longer!
    • A similar moment happens in a skit where Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse, and Hush Puppy are riding Buster (an anthropomorphized bus) to go on a picnic and Hush Puppy realizes he left the picnic basket in the kitchen at home.
  • Playground Song: This show was the origin of "The Song That Doesn't End".
  • Porky Pig Pronunciation: Lamb Chop was tripped up by the phrase "the San Diego Zoo", for some reason, and after two tries said, "You know, the zoo in San Diego."
  • Punny Name / Theme Naming: Food, in this case. Lamb Chop is, of course, named after lamb chops, and Hush Puppy is named after a cornmeal-and-catfish snack made to keep dogs happy and quiet. However, Charlie Horse is the odd man out—a "charley horse" is a slang term for a pulled muscle.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: Zarc (a space alien) tells the kids that he's from the planet Yzarc, which is "crazy" backwards. When they ask him why that is so, he says it's because "people on Yzarc have so much fun!" They then ask him why the planet isn't called "funny" backwards, and his answer is that "funny" backwards would be "Ynnuf" ("enough").
    • Which wasn't the problem; the problem was that there was already a planet with that name.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: During the "It's Not Fair!" segment created for the Kids For Character video, Shari buys a bag of jellybeans for Lamb Chop and Charlie Horse, divides the jellybeans so the two of them get the exact same number, then (at Lamb Chop's request) makes sure they also have the same number of red jellybeans. Near the end of the song, Lamb Chop and Charlie admit to Shari that they don't even like eating jellybeans.
  • Totally Radical: Charlie Horse is regularly dressed in a colorful 1990s "hip-hop" outfit. For that matter, the show's theme song always begins with the main characters essaying a rap.
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?: According to Mallory Lewis, Shari's daughter who has been similarly trained in ventriloquism and followed in her mother's footsteps, Hush Puppy was "born" in Arkansas. However, his accent seems to be a near-incomprehensible mix of various Southern dialects, including Cajun.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Phlebotinum?: In one episode, the alien Zarc needs "zappelmeis" to fuel his rocketship and get back home to Yzarc. As it turns out, "zappelmeis" is apple juice.