Recap / Buffy the Vampire Slayer S1E4 "Teacher's Pet"

He's got a crush on a giant insect!
Willow Rosenberg

One evening at the Bronze, Xander suavely saves the Slayer from a menacing vamp before mounting the stage and playing a guitar solo. He's rudely awakened to find himself stuck in biology class, taught by Dr Gregory. After class, Dr Gregory who is shown to be the only teacher to believe in Buffy, is killed by an unseen monster.

That night at the Bronze, Xander is taunted by another student named Blayne for his lack of sexual prowess. When Buffy and Willow arrive, Xander puts his arms around both girls in an effort to buff up his reputation. Buffy brushes him off as soon as Angel arrives. Angel gives her his leather jacket to warm her up and Buffy notices claw-like marks on his arm. She jokes that he looks like he's been attacked by a giant fork. Angel warns her about a new threat and 'not to let him corner her as he'll rip her throat out.' He leaves quickly without warning.

The next day, Buffy informs Giles about 'the fork guy'. The substitute biology teacher, Ms. French arrives and her beauty turns every boy's head. She seems to have an interest in insects, particularly the praying mantis.At lunch, Cordelia finds the headless body of Dr Gregory in the cafeteria locker. The Scoobies try to figure out if there's a connection to the Master but don't rule out the possibility of another monster lurking about.Later that night, Buffy is patrolling in the park and confronts a vampire with a large, claw-like hand. The fight is interrupted by the police and the vamp escapes. While pursuing him, Buffy sees the vampire bump into Ms French. She simply stares at him and the vampire immediately flees in panic.

At school the following morning, Buffy is sent to a counsellor to help her get over seeing a dead body. This causes her to be late for Ms French's class, where she has prepared a test. She helps Xander with a question. Buffy peers in through the window and sees Ms French turn her head 360 degrees to look at her.After class, Ms French asks Xander if he could come over to her house in the evening to work on a project to which Xander gleefully accepts.

Back at the library, Buffy tells Willow and Giles about Ms French's head spinning. She convinces the two that she believes the teacher is a praying mantis. They discover that Blayne, a student who worked on a project at Ms French's house, never came home. Buffy tries to warn Xander, who brushes her off and states that she's just jealous.

Ms French welcomes Xander into her home with a drink, a fire lit in the fireplace and a revealing dress. The drink is spiked and knocks Xander out. The teacher drags him into the basement as she turns into a giant insect. Xander is locked in a cage alongside Blayne, the student from the previous day. Blayne tells him how Ms French mates like a praying mantis, before biting the head off her victims.

In the library, the gang discovers the She-Mantis lures virgins into her lair as mating partners. Willow reveals that Xander is a virgin before calling his mother and asking if he's home. They realise that Xander is in great danger. Buffy gets Giles to record bat sonar as Ms French picks Xander as her next victim.The Scoobies visit the house belonging to Ms French but are greeted by an elderly lady. She is the real Ms French but had retired from teaching in 1972. In order to quickly track down Xander, Buffy finds the one-handed vampire and forces him to tell her where the She-Mantis hides. He's quick to tell her as his fear of it is so great. The vamp tries to attack Buffy but she swiftly stakes him with a broken fence post. Buffy breaks through the window as the She-Mantis prepares to mate with Xander. She uses the bat sonar to weaken it before hacking it up and destroying it. Xander, meanwhile, destroys the eggs already in the house.

Buffy, wearing Angel's jacket, meets him at the Bronze. He tells her to keep it and Buffy is clearly smitten with him.

Later on, Buffy puts Dr Gregory's glasses back in his classroom closet, not noticing there are She-Mantis eggs attached to the bottom shelf...